Meet Missy Rothstein, the ex-wife of American stuntman – Bio and life facts

Missy Rothstein

To begin with, Missy Rothstein is a wife of a celebrity. Further, Missy was in a relationship with a famous stuntman. Her husband Bam was a popular stuntman in Hollywood. But the couple Missy and Bam is no longer together. Furthermore, the reason for their divorce is personal.

Introduction to Missy Rothstein

As stated previously in the article, Missy Rothstein is a celebrity. Further, Missy is a famous photographer and a model in America. She was also married to a famous stuntman in Hollywood. Missy husband name is Bam Margera. Their marriage took place in the year 2007. However, in the year 2012, the couple parted ways.

When and where was Missy Rothstein born?

In the first place, the birth of Missy took place in the year 1980. Further, her full date of birth is June 3, 1980. As per the date of birth, the model is currently forty years old. Also, Missy was born in the United States of America. Her birth took place in Springfield in Pennsylvania. Lastly, the model and photographer Missy belongs to the Gemini Zodiac sign.

A note about the family of Missy Rothstein

To begin with, the model Missy comes from a simple family in America. Furthermore, she is the child of a single parent. Growing up Missy was raised by her mother alone. The name of Missy Rothstein mother is Marian Rothstein. However, the name of the models’ father is not available. Also, there is no information about siblings of Missy.

Furthermore, Missy Rothstein was an active child. Missy went to West Chester High School in Pennsylvania. Later on, the model went to Pennsylvania State University. Lastly, Missy Rothstein holds a bachelor degree in communication.

A short Bio on Bam Margera

As stated earlier in the article, Bam is the ex-husband of Missy. The couple met each other in High school. Further, the birth of Bam took place in the year 1979. His full date of birth is 28 September 1979. As per his date of birth, Bam is currently forty –one year old. Lastly, the birth of Bam took place in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Coming to his family, Bam Margera belongs to a small and happy family. He is the younger son of April and Phil Margera. Also, Bam has an older brother. The name of the older brother is Jess Margera. Furthermore, Bam went to the same high school as Missy. However, he dropped out of school after junior years. Later on, he began his career in the entertainment industry. At present Bam Margera is a famous stuntman in Hollywood.

What does Missy Rothstein do for a living?

Missy Rothstein is a model and photographer in America. In addition to modelling, Missy has also appeared in films. Initially, Missy wanted to become a famous model in America. However, she began acting in films.

Furthermore, Missy debut in films as through the movie Haggard. The movie was released in the year 2003. Also, the movie was produced and directed by Bam Margera. Apart from Haggard, other roles of Missy are as follow:

  • A Cameo role in season 5 of Viva La Bam
  • Herself in the reality show – Bam’s Unholy Union
  • Reality comedy film in 2008 – Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa?
  • Music video in 2009 – CKY

Apart from these roles, Missy also appeared in Playboy magazine. Missy and Bam together appeared for a shoot at playboy. However, at present Missy Rothstein is maintaining a low profile. Also, she is focusing on her career as a photographer.  

What does Missy Rothstein former husband do for a living?

Bam Margera, Missy Rothstein former husband is a stuntman in Hollywood. Apart from this, he is also famous as a stake border in America. Bam Margera has also appeared in films and reality shows. Lastly, the stuntman becomes a regular on a radio show.

When did Missy Rothstein and Bam Margera marriage take place?

In the first place, Missy and Bam are childhood friends. They met each other in High school. But Missy left high school to study in a college. However, she gain met Bam on the sets of the movie Haggard. Soon the relationship between the couple took off.

Missy and Bam Margera began dating each other. After a while, Bam and Missy got engaged. Their engagement took place in the year 2006. Furthermore, the couple married in the year 2007. The wedding of Missy and the stuntman Man was a lavish one. It took place in the presence of friends and family. The couple was very happy to tie the knot.

However, their marriage did not last long. In the year 2010, the couple parted ways. Missy and Bam were together only for three years. In the year 2012, their divorce was complete. 

Furthermore, the main reason for missy and Bam divorce is infidelity. Bam Margera had relationships with other women. Also, the Stuntman Bam Margera had a drinking problem.

Does Missy Rothstein have any children?

The model and actress Missy Rothstein has no children. Furthermore, though she was married to Bam; they did not have any children. However, Bam has a boy with his second wife. Bam Margera married Nicole after divorcing Missy.

The wedding of Nicole and Bam took place in Iceland. Their marriage date is 5th October 2013. Later on, in the year 2017, the couple got pregnant. Nicole and Bam son was born on 23 December 2017. The couple named their son Phoenix wolf.

What is the net worth of Missy Rothstein?

The net worth estimation of Missy Rothstein is around one million dollars. She makes her money through modelling and photography.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Missy Rothstein is a model and photographer in America. Further, Missy is also the ex-wife of a stuntman. Bam Margera first wife is Missy Rothstein. However, they parted ways in 2012. At present Missy is single and living in America.

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