Meet The Famous Actress Catherine Bell – Bio, Family, Life Facts And Net Worth

Catherine Bell
Catherine Bell arrives at the 2018 Hallmark Channel Summer TCA at a private residence on July 26, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California © Jill Johnson/ 310-657-9661

To begin with, Catherine Bell is a celebrity in America. Further, Catherine is a famous actress and producer in America. The actress is famous for her role in the series – The good witch. Catherine Bell is part of the series from 2008. Lastly, the show is airing on Hallmark Channel since 2008.

Introduction to Catherine Bell

As mentioned before in the article, Catherine Bell is a famous actress in America. Further, Catherine was born in London. But later on, she moved to California and became a successful actress. In addition to acting, she is also a famous producer in Hollywood. Some of the famous roles of the actress are JAG and The Good Witch.

The birth of London based actress Catherine Bell

In the first place, the birth of Catherine took place in the year 1968. Further, her full date of birth is 14 August 1968. As per the actress date of birth, she is currently fifty-two years old. Also, the birth of the actress took place in London. Catherine Bell was born in London, England. Lastly, the actress and model belong to the Leo zodiac sign.

Who are the parents of the actress Catherine Bell?

As stated earlier in the article, Catherine Bell was born in London. She is the daughter of Peter Bell and Mina Ezzati. Further, the father of the actress, Peter, was an architect. On the other hand, Catherine mother, Mina, was a nurse. Furthermore, Catherine Bell father is Scottish and her mother is Iranian.

In her childhood days, Catherine spent it with her parents in London. However, her parents got separated at a young age. The actress was only two years when Catherine Bell parents parted ways. But the reason for their divorce is not available.

After the divorce, Catherine grew up with her mother and grandparents. Even more, she moved to California from London with her mother. In California, Catherine had the opportunity to experience various cultures. Lastly, she grew up speaking Persian and English at home.

The career of actress Catherine Bell

The acting was not the first career choice of the actress. Initially, she enrolled at UCLA to study medicine. But Catherine was offered a modelling project in Japan. Later on, after moving to America, she began her career in acting.

Furthermore, the actress struggled to find a role in the industry. She also worked as a massage therapist for eight years. But the actress first role in the 1990 sitcom sugar and spice has a hit. Later on, she appeared in small roles in movies and television series.

One of the longest-running series of Catherine was in Good witch. Other famous roles of the actress are as follow:


  • Robin in Friends – 1995
  • As Catherine Bell in Penn and Teller -1998
  • Dr Daphne Larson in Threshold – 2006
  • Denise Sherwood in Army Wives – 2007
  • Cassandra Nightingale in Good Witch – 2015


  • The role of Grace Lashield in Men of war in 1994
  • As Lisa in Black Thunder in 1998
  • Evan Almighty in 2007
  • The do-over in 2016

Is Catherine Bell married?

In the first place, the actress Catherine Bell was married. Further, Catherine was in a relationship with Adam Beason. The couple met each other in the film death becomes her. Later on in the year 1994, the couple tied the knot. Further, Adam Beason is also an actor cum production assistant.

The full wedding date of the couple is 8th May 1994. Their wedding ceremony was a lavish one. It took place in the presence of family and friends. Also, the couple gave birth to two beautiful children. Catherine has a daughter named Gemma with Adam Beason. Later on, in the year 2010, they gave birth to a son. The couple named their son Ronan.

Further, the date of birth of their daughter is 16 April 2003. Also, the full date of birth of Ronan is 21 August 2010.

Catherine and Adam led a happy and luxurious life in California. However, in the year 2011, they announced their separation. Also, the divorce of the couple took place in 2015. After the divorce, the couple sold their mansion in California.

Where is Catherine Bell now?

As stated earlier, Catherine Bell divorce took place in the year 2015. After the divorce, the actress began a woman. The name of the woman with who Catherine lives is Brooke Daniells. At present Catherin and Brooke live in Los Angeles. Further, Brooke Daniells is a photographer and an event coordinator.

Furthermore, there are rumours of Catherine Bell being a lesbian. There is a rumor that Catherine Bell left her husband for Brooke. But the actress has not spoken about it to date.

Apart from living with Brooke, the actress also has to fight cancer. She is a cancer survivor and is now leading a good life. Lastly, the actress Catherine Bell practices Scientology.

A note on Scientology

In simple words, Scientology is a religion. It was founded in the year 1950s by Ron Hubbard. Religion mainly believes that each human has a reactive mind. It also believes that a human is an immortal and spiritual being.

Furthermore, Scientology is a religion to help people use scientific approaches. The approaches used by the people will help them attain full potential.

What is the net worth of the actress?

The net worth of the actress Catherine Bell estimation is around fifteen million dollars. Catherine makes most of her money from acting in Hollywood.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Catherine Bell is a celebrity in America. Further, she is a famous actress and model in America. Furthermore, Catherine was born in London. Also, the actor was married to Adam Beason. The couple Adam and Catherine has two children together. However, they are no longer together. At present Catherine Bell lives with Brooke Daniells in Los Angeles.