Everything to Know about Feeding a Bearded Dragon

Everything to Know about Feeding a Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is the common name of reptiles or eight lizard species that are found in Pogona. The name originates from their beard which is present under their throat. The particular beard turns black for numerous reasons such as when the dragon is angry, in stress, or many others. The lifespan of these bearded dragons is 10-15 years. There are some cases that depend upon their health and many other factors when their lifespan is less or more from the average time. These are of different colors and good looking which makes them pet.

When it comes to getting a bearded dragon at home then there are numerous things present about which you need to care. Among all such things, the most important is feeding them with good food so that they can remain healthier with you and enjoy your company at all. Not only is this, but the next important task for you is also to provide your pet or reptile with a perfect home like almost natural, so it can get everything. You need to take proper care of all its needs so that it can spend its time enjoying everything.

What and how to feed your beardie?

how to feed your beardie
Well, these two are the major questions to be answered when you make your decision finally to bring a beardie at home. You should know what it likes to eat, what are the varieties of food you can serve it, how to feed it and when, etc. all such things matter a lot if you won’t take proper care of your dragon and want to see it happier. So, below are provided a step by step by a guide which helps you in knowing what and how to feed your beardie well.

  • They love to eat live insects

    love to eat live insects

There is a wide range of food present for these bearded dragons care but among them all, these reptiles love to eat the live insects. They eat all those insects that are smaller in size and especially the Dubia Roaches. It’s the perfect food for them if you want to make your dragon healthier and happier.

One can simply order the same roaches from many online sites and then serve their pets with them. Also, one needs to feed them fruits, vegetables, and mainly green things. All such are the great source vitamins and it makes them healthier and stronger to live a healthy life. The next major thing to do is providing them with a clean and right quantity of water. Also, you need to replace the water every day so that your beardie remains fully hydrated and its body temperature remains good.

  • On the other side, when it comes to something special which you can give to your bearded dragon is live meats. There are several types of meat or insects present that you can freely give your reptile and below are those names –
    • Earthworms
    • Crickets
    • Dubia roaches
    • Locusts
    • King worms
    • Butter worms

Apart from all such, there are numerous others present too. It’s important to give some type of meat after regular time to your beardie so that it can get all proteins and vitamins. In the same way, it can remain fit and stronger than before.

Where to buy live insects for bearded dragons?

buy live insects for bearded dragons
You must know that there are thousands of stores and sources present online that can provide you with plenty of or you can say all species of live insects. You simply have to finalize which live insect you have to order for your bearded dragon to feed and then just order it. Among all the sources present online you have to choose the reputed one so that you get fresh meat or the right live insects you want at affordable rates.

Among all insects the best one is Dubia roaches, so you have to mainly prefer it for feeding your reptile. By doing so and providing the right adequate to your pet is enough for you to take its proper care. After then, there is no need to do anything more or put hard efforts as you just have to give a little time to your pet. The more you can handle it safely and politely, the easier it becomes happier and loyal to you.