iDiva Ballooning as an online Video Paddling freshly


An era where everything is digitalized and easily accessible comes another bashing video channel on YouTube named iDiva by This channel launches to celebrate the fact that every woman needs and deserve a space of her own where she can laugh, vent her own feelings, be herself without proving to anyone in this World.

In a world that is Male-dominated, this video channel is a move towards focusing and catering to the needs of our real-life heroes WOMEN. Without a woman, this World might have looked black and white. It is a woman who adds colors in the lives of men and their families. She is the sole reason that we get our future generation.  iDiva is an initiative by the Times Internet to give that much-required attention and concentration to the needs and requirement of a Woman.

There have been many online media channels discussing, portraying and concentrating on the needs of the Women but iDiva took a step ahead of all these old trends and started a new trend to interact with the Woman in public allowing them to be listened and understand their needs, their reviews and their perspectives.

And, to keep this trend alive and happening, iDiva used the best video marketing strategies to make the World listen to them, their Women voices and all the things that makes and completes a woman. Therefore, they started to use youtube to facebook video converter to let their videos be open to a wider range of audiences through Facebook.

Facebook, indeed is a place where the whole World comes at one place to celebrate, to debate, to appreciate and to explore the inner beauty of the digital media. A place where you can do the best marketing of your videos and that too FREE!!!

IDiva guys know how to make the best out of this and therefore, it has become one of the best video channels and also talk of the town. To keep entertainment dose that high they latterly introduced some interesting characters, making all the efforts to keep the ladies guffaw at their witty humor.

Apart from these, there are certain sections of this channel that gives give attention to the urban women – iDiaries, which have besides readers contributors, celebrity blogs and photo shoot; an astrology segment along with tarot card reading, along with offering some interesting facts and figures according to the zodiac signs, Feng Shui. Moreover, giving a plethora of DIY guide; places to go and eat, watch and shop and a Lounge making sure she is never out of things to do and explore.

And, all these are broadcasted on their Youtube channel along with being marketed at Facebook with youtube to fb converter like yt2fb which offers free and pristine large thumbnails conversions of videos to post and share on Facebook.

iDiva also offers an intriguing segment of a relationship, keeping all the women’s social, emotional and personal life on track. There is also a style & beauty segment for all the woman yearning for that beautiful look and a Work & Life Segment for the correct and much-required carrier guidance, along with some useful guidance on work and academics.

All of these focusing completely and solely on the women generic, iDiva has made a permanent space in many Women’s life. And, the way they successfully marketing their videos on facebook too with the help of some good youtube to the facebook video converter like, they are just increasing their fan-following to no limits.

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Kudos to all those brilliant minds behind this successful, talk of the town video channel iDiva. All the ones who haven’t can subscribe, like and share their videos on both YouTube and Facebook.