Some Picture-Worthy Spots of Saudi Arabia

Hajj and Umrah

Known as the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is the home to the most sacred Muslim sites of Mecca and Madinah. The Muslim holiest sites of these twin Saudi cities are reserved for the Muslims’ religious pilgrimages that are Hajj and Umrah respectively.

Although, Muslim specified worshiping sites of Mecca and Madinah are off-limits to the non-Islamic fellows. But this loveliest and hospitable Kingdom has happily opened its arms for its non-Muslims fellas in their respect. This amazing moderate Islamic land you provide you with all the perks of an ideal tour. You would return from this country with the unforgettable lessons of utmost respect, patience hospitality, and modesty.

Saudi Kingdom-An Amazingly Diverse Land

It is the biggest kingdom which is roughly about the size of Western Europe. This alluring kingdom bears an enthralling landscape with remarkable variety and diversity. This country welcomes you to take a snap of endless stretches of coastline of the Red Sea, the fascinating infrastructure of Riyadh and an enchanting coral-made Old city of Jeddah.

Here we are going to show you some outstandingly photogenic Saudi sites to include in your camera album. Among a plethora of thrilling Arabian sites, these breath-taking places would surely leave you in awe.  Before setting out to these wondrous sites, make sure to have your cameras ready with you. Because these unmissable Saudi places are really very picture-worthy.

Madain Saleh

This wondrous brown landscape is one of the treasures of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most picturesque sites in the country. It was declared as the Kingdom’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Go and take the pictures of the eye-catching earthen buildings and tombs of the ancient Nabatean people. Capture the pictures of ancient ruins of the Hejaz railway built by the Ottoman Empire. The beautiful pictures of the entrance portals and rock sculpture art would give you a fascinating insight into the lives of Nabatean people. These oldest people were the part of a 2000 years old civilization. Don’t forget to click the pictures of the spectacular Elephant rock, a natural beauty, produced by the regular sandstorms over thousands of years.

Complete your Al-Ula trip with the videos of your adventurous time at Jebel e Khurebah and Raggassat Mountains.

Farasan Islands

If you haven’t been on a fantabulous beachy tour in beatific Saudi Farasan Islands, then plan this trip on your priority basis. Along with your Cameras, don’t forget to carry your snorkeling gear to enjoy a cool splish-splash of Farasan waters. The Farasan Archipelago is among the off the beaten water spot of Arabia. So probably you would be the first person ever to explore some of the amazing reefs underneath the water.

Go and grab the opportunity to become a skillful wildlife photographer. Capture the clicks of the beatific bird Kingdom inhabiting the scenic islands. This spectacular bird Kingdom is filled with a variety of birds like White-Eyed Gull, Saunders Little Tern, Crab Plover, Flamingos, Osprey, Sooty Falcon, Pink-Backed Pelican, Red-billed Tropic Bird.

The memorable Saudi visit to the Farasan Islands would surely enable you to click the picture of a unique Arabian Deer species known as Farasan Gazelle. This beautiful Deer is said to be on the brink of extinction due to the excessive hunting of this animal in the Saudi Kingdom.

Edge of the World

It is the beatific rocky desert in the northwest of Riyadh. It is regarded as the dramatic geological wonder of Saudi Arabia. Make your camera ready to capture beyond the mesmerizing view of the horizon from atop the escarpment (Mighty Rocky Cliffs)

These mighty brown cliffs rise dramatically, stretching high towards the sky like a great natural wall. While standing atop of the super heightened rocky cliffs, you will find dried rivers across the land.

Be mindful that you need an SUV car or another four-wheeled vehicle to set out towards that much lofty place. If you are an expert jeep driver, you don’t need any tour guide to accompany you at that place.

Wahbah Crater

Located in the Western part of Saudi Arabia is an awe-thrilling natural wonder known as Al-Wahbah Crater. This is a volcanic crater with spectacular scenery. Here you would find lava fields, salt pans, and an oasis. This unprecedented Saudi treasure is still unknown to the outside world. It is another hidden Saudi Arabian photographic gem to amaze the eyes of your camera. It is the grand hole formed as a result of some natural mysterious volcanic activities.

Covering 2 meters in Diameter along with the cliffs reaching down 250 meters, this crater is the largest in the whole Middle East. Click your pictures and post them on Instagram to surprise your loved ones.

King Abdullah Park

It is one of the cleanest and best-maintained parks of Saudi Urban city Riyadh. The mesmerizing Greenery of the Park welcomes you to click the memorable clicks of the place. It is a complete and lively picnic spot to sway with your family. It offers you several green lawns to walk on, wide pathways for jogging and cycling, a large play area for kids, a captivating auditorium and an artificial lake with an evening fountain show. It is another scenic picnic spot in Riyadh.


It is another historical site of Saudi Arabia recognized by the UNESCO world heritage site in 2010. This is an increasingly recognized historical site of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most photographic towns of Saudi Arabia and the original home of the State founding fathers of the House of Saud. It is also commemorated as sand blown Pompeii due to its preserved walls and forts. You can visit this inevitable Saudi touristy site to capture the clicks of famous historic buildings and tourism infrastructure.

Al Soudah

It is also another picturesque site in the Southern region of Saudi Arabia. It includes the beautiful Asir National Park that offers you everything from trekking, camping and fascinating infrastructure to capture in your camera