Curiosities And Care Of The Yorkshire Breed


Yorkshire! This breed is very well known here in the world and there are several people in love with them. And if you are considering adopting a new dog, you should have questions about Yorkshire.

If you are unsure how the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) breed looks, you’ll find this information useful. After all, Yorkie is the unique combination of elegance and sophistication, and so “Yorkie” rightly captivated dog lovers everywhere.

It’s good to know everything you need before choosing a Yorkie and taking it home. Thus, it is already further into the care that the breed needs. And there’s no denying that Yorkies are full of surprises. Read the full text and be amazed by the Yorkie breed at SmartDogLover!

Yorkshire Terrier

Knowing More About the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are easily recognizable by their small size, erect ears and long, fluffy coats. These little sermons come in colour combinations that range from black and brown to silver and light brown.

In addition to their fluffy fur, Yorkies are known to have larger personalities than their bodies. It is wrong that Yorkie is very calm. Size doesn’t match your personality, and what a personality! Yorkies are not the retreating type, whether they are facing a much larger dog or chasing what they consider a well-deserved treatment. It goes without saying that Yorkie owners need to be careful and keep their furry friends out of trouble.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terriers were originally bred in the English county of – you guessed it – Yorkshire. In the mid-nineteenth century, a wave of workers came to Yorkshire from Scotland looking for better opportunities – and brought with them a variety of small terrier breeds.

Most of the time, Yorkshire are intelligent, independent dogs that make perfect pets for owners who seek good company. When it comes to class and lovingness, Yorkies does not disappoint.

What Is The Personality Of The Yorkshire Terrier?

As the old saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover” – and this is definitely true of Yorkshire terrier. Although small, the affectionately named Yorkies can have a unique energy. Like all terriers, Yorkies like to follow wherever their noses lift, so you’ll want to keep an eye on them so they don’t get sidetracked.

Yorkies are highly affectionate, hopping on your lap or snuggling on your pillows when you least expect it. They don’t miss the chance to get attention and will like you scratching behind your ears from time to time.

Yorkshire Terrier

In addition, the Yorkies have voices as large as their personalities. Yorkies can become possessive of their owners, and barking at any strangers who stroll near them. If you want your Yorkie to be in good relations with neighbours, better train him when he barks and when he doesn’t bark.

It is important that Yorkies are socialized with other dogs as soon as possible. Otherwise, Yorkies will not hesitate to get into fights with dogs bigger than them.

When Yorkie is not being uncomfortable however, Yorkies live up to their elegant and dignified looks. They can be docile for as long as they need to – or at least until they find something brilliant and pursue.

With its soft fur and small size, the Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most glamorous representatives in the world of dogs, sure to attract attention wherever it goes.

Curiosities of the breed

Yorkie’s hair has a texture similar to human hair:

Yorkies are known for their fur and silks that revolve around the ring. But this beautiful feature is also incredibly time-consuming to take care of. Because the hair is similar to human hair, it entangled us if the owner does not brush it every day (it can also break easily when brushing carpets at home).

Many breeders recommend that pet owners keep their Yorkie puppies in a “short cut” that is short and easy to maintain.

A Yorkie is a War Hero

In World War II, a Yorkie named Smoky was responsible for saving the lives of soldiers by dragging a communication cable through an 8 inch wide and 60-foot long drainage manhole.

She is also considered the world’s first therapy dog, visiting wounded soldiers in hospitals. Smoky was found by an American soldier in 1944 in a Papua New Guinea jungle, and when he brought the puppy back to headquarters, Corporal William Wynne of the US Army took her under his wing. Later he wrote a book about Smoky which is names as Yorkie Doodle Dandy. There are six US-based memorials in honour of Smoky, including one at the AKC Dog Museum and an international memorial in Australia.

Yorkies are extremely intelligent, curious and eager to please – making them perfect candidates for training.