Top 5 B-schools for MBA in Ireland you must take a look

MBA in Ireland

Completing higher studies in Ireland is undoubtedly a price-worthy decision. While you are opting for gaining a degree from a foreign university, there is no exception in taking admission in Irish Universities. This is because of its versatility and becoming the hub of education and culture.

Nowadays, MBA graduates are having the tendency to get high payment and prospective careers. Therefore, achieving prospects in life in exchange for a valuable degree MBA is the best option. Besides, when it comes to the matter of choosing the best destination, the name of Ireland comes first.

Before we start discussing the best educational institutions, let me tell you why you should choose this particular degree instead of any other.

Why choose an MBA degree to study in Ireland?

  • Chance of getting a high salary 

Who does not love to have a vast income after the completion of study? The answer is entirely predictable. Almost everyone wants this. On that note, after completing an MBA degree, you need not think about getting a high-paid job. Instead, it is such a valuable degree that every recruiter will want you.

  • Get the scope of becoming your own superior 

After the completion of Masters in Business Administration generally, students would like to form their own company. Being an entrepreneur, you need not tolerate any supervisor over you. Instead, you are your own boss. It is quite simple to get success even in a new business after acquiring this degree.

This is because an MBA postgraduate has read all the important lessons that he needed to learn. On the other hand, they know how to sustain their own business even within such a competitive market. For this reason, almost every MBA graduate achieves business growth.

  • Good career 

The one and only purpose of opting for higher studies is getting good career opportunities. Within such a competitive market, when it becomes complicated to get employment opportunities, there the chance of a promising career is undoubtedly attractive. This is the main reason for giving the opportunity of an MBA program for higher study.

After completing a master in Business Administration, a person can quickly get high-scale jobs like managing director, finance expert, Auditor, etc. Undoubtedly, if you start your working life in such supervising posts, it will hardly take two years to achieve the peak of your career.

Top 5 B-schools for MBA in Ireland

  • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate B-school 

Situated in Blackrock, it is one of the most well-known business schools in Ireland. It comes under the University College Dublin. In 2019 this college ranked 100th for the best economic school, and in 2017 it got the acclamation of 94th for financial assistance to students.

So, it conducts a full-time MBA program for students. The entire course will take one year to complete, and the possible expense will cover within €34500. To apply to this B-school, a student needs to pay €50.

To carry on the expenses of study, a student can easily apply for provident loans from direct lenders of Ireland.

  • Trinity College 

When it comes to finding the best college in Ireland, it is impossible to avoid the name of Trinity College. However, to secure admission in this best college for MBA, a student needs to complete his undergraduate from any other Govt. recognised university. Besides, a student also needs to possess some job experience in the related field for a minimum of 5 years.

Generally, the student must not exceed the age criteria, i.e., 25 years. To complete the full degree, a student needs to spend €31500. This college offers only a 1-year course, which comes with €40 application charges.

  • National University of Ireland 

This is another famous B-school which is situated in Galway. This university is well known for renowned accreditations such as AACSB and AMBA. Usually, this educational institution behaves quite different from others and started an MBA course two years.

But to secure admission, a student must have three years of field experience in any business organisation. Besides, he must pass entrance examinations like GMAT, TOEFL etc. however, the entire course fee is relatively low and comes under €13,850. There is no application fee applicable in this college.

  • Dublin Business School 

Situated at the heart of Dublin, this business school comes under Dublin City University. This college offers two types of MBA programs as Part-time MBA and Executive MBA. Generally, working professionals and students who would like to study in distance mode apply for a part-time MBA.

On the other hand, there are full-time MBA courses too where teachers used to meet their students once a week. It comprises short semesters and will take only 1 year to complete. The fee structure is relatively low, which comes under €12,750.

  • DIT B-school 

Dublin Institute of Technology, in short DIT, is situated in Dublin and offers an MBA program for 2 years. Generally, the entire lesson is in the English language so that students from different regions can easily understand. However, to secure admission, a student must have relevant work experience of more than 5 years. The course fee is €18000.

So, these are some famous B-Schools of Ireland where you may take admission and continue with the MBA program. Do not think much if you are opting for studying in Ireland.