Brighten Up Your Living Space with Smart Lighting Solutions


Smart lighting solutions are making their mark on the lighting industry. The Australian government recently committed $50 million to the development of “smart cities.”

There are a lot of innovations that are happening around us. This makes us admire the revolutionary technology that is now available in the lighting industry.

Today, exciting lighting options are available. They are the control automation, smart bulbs, and an explosion of energy efficient fixtures. This is changing the way people light their homes. So, you can easily have them installed through the electrician Central Coast.


Smart lighting is helping homeowners live more affordable and with a higher quality of life. Most modern light fixtures reduce energy costs and improve the quality of light emitted.

The technical devices (such as controls and switches) are enabled for homeowners. They can now adjust the lighting in individual rooms and entire home by the touch of a remote button.

Below are some of the lighting options that are beneficial for homeowners:


Experts agree that LED is the future of lighting. LED bulbs can last up to 10X longer than standard lamps (like CFL and Halogen). They also form the most environmentally friendly light bulbs.

These bulbs are up to 90% energy efficient, allowing you to create more light with less electricity.

Despite the other brands in the smart lighting industry, Phillips makes some of the most competitive consumer LED products available as per the level 2 electrician Central Coast.


Timers and dimmers are just a few of the popular lighting controls that make it easy to customize the ambiance of your home. Dimmers work well in bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas.

Timers do best in outdoor areas where fixtures are often set to turn on and off at specific times. By wiring patio lights to turn on at dusk, homeowners can use modern lighting technology to protect their home.


One of the most sophisticated lighting innovations is the development of whole-home lighting. Although there are a number of systems now on the market, industry leaders like Lutron have gained notoriety for their continuous innovations.

The most recent of which allows homeowners to turn on and dim lighting (in any room of their home) is via a Smartphone or tablet.


The table lamp may have been created decades ago, but that won’t stop modern-day tech fans from adjusting it to meet today’s futuristic needs. By allowing users to charge their phones from the fixture itself, these smart lighting solutions allow businesses and students the opportunity to work from locations where no USB outlet is available.

LED Lighting Stripping

Popularly used in places like kitchen cabinets, wall soffits, and outdoor decks, LED strip lighting is extremely thin and energy efficient compared to traditional halogen or fluorescent under cabinet fixtures.

But what is LED strip lighting, and how can you use it in your home when installing through the 24-hour electrician Central Coast?

In layman’s terms, LED strip lights are a line of LED bulbs placed on a piece of electrically wired tape. From up close, you can actually see the individual bulbs, however, once the light is viewed from far away it creates the illusion of a single strip of continuous light.

These super-thin “fixtures” come in standard and water resistant models, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


As we mentioned earlier, LED strip lighting is an easy but effective way to illuminate otherwise dark areas of your home. Take a look at how these crafty homeowners used WAC LED strip lighting to brighten their breakfast bar.


Strip lights aren’t only used to illuminate dark cabinets; in fact, many homeowners choose to use them as accent pieces rather than for utility purposes. Just take a look at how the creative homeowners below used LED strips to brighten the space between their cabinet tops and the ceiling!

Having trouble reaching for your favorite book and movie titles at night? Create a custom backlight for your bookshelf by placing short strips of LED lighting right behind the bookcase shelves!

This unique design won’t make it easier to find what you need. It is guaranteed to be a conversation starter when guests come over. A project like this would take a professional just a few hours, making this noticeable upgrade not only beautiful but affordable as well.


The outdoors is good for more than just day-time use. With LED strip lighting, you can turn your outdoor living space into a night time retreat.

Just take a look at how the home below has used blue-tinted LED strip lighting to illuminate the high traffic areas of their deck without hanging a single fixture.

There’s no limit to the ways you can use LED strip lighting in your home or outside of it. Because strip lighting is quick to install and requires very few additional materials, it’s a fast and affordable upgrade that will instantly change the appearance of your home.