Minecraft Dungeons can be seen on YouTube

Minecraft Dungeons

The arrival of Minecraft Dungeons is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated news by the huge community of fans to see reality in cubic blocks. The bad news, you probably already know, is that due to the terrible circumstances we are experiencing, its launch, which was initially scheduled for April, is going to be delayed. Mojang has not yet given new dates, and the community is keeping its fingers crossed because it is in the second quarter of this year, but at the moment everything is a great unknown.

However, not everything is going to be bad news, right? So in the absence of a specific date of arrival on the market, today we woke up with a video of no less than 45 minutes, in which we can see complete gameplay of one of the adventures that Minecraft Dungeons will propose to us. Three-quarters of an hour that will allow us to know the mechanics of the game, the levels of difficulty, the enemies that we are going to face, the rewards that we will obtain along the way … yes, a complete gaming experience.

For those people who did not have any news about Minecraft Dungeons, clarify that it is a new “flavour” of this popular game, in which some of its most representative elements are taken, but it offers a completely different game model. As a starting point, the player will have a sword and a bow, and from the first moment, he will have to carry out a series of tasks while facing all kinds of enemies and obtaining new objects to improve his weapons and skills.

It is important, very important, to emphasize that neither mining nor construction have a place in this title. If you can improve ( cheddar, speaking in the newspeak of the community) your weapons, and the precious emeralds of the original title also have a presence here. However, forget about creating a cosy home, exploring the guts of the earth in search of diamonds and gaining experience (yes, farming in Newspeak) little by little. Here, enemies will be your main occupation from the first minute.

The graphics, as you can see in the video, do not give up the original aspect of the game, although both its size and the visual perspective have been modified. In the first place, it may be strange, but it is enough to see a couple of minutes of gameplay to understand that, if you keep your eyes on the first person, the level of complexity of the game would be much higher. And, what is worse, its gameplay would be quite diminished. However, it will be fun to see if the community decides to reproduce the Minecraft Dungeons scenarios in the original Minecraft.

Minecraft Dungeons vs Minecraft 1.16

What seems to follow his planned plan is the future version of Minecraft, 1.16, about which I already commented something. And although each new version of the game brings interesting novelties, this is probably one of the most anticipated for two reasons: the new biomes of the nether, and the nephrite, some improvements that will make us hurry than ever to get the obsidian necessary to create our portal to the nether etc box office report. We will tell you more about these and other news when this version is released.

The striking thing is that if 1.16 follows its preset plan, and the delay of Minecraft Dungeons is a few weeks, we can find the arrival of both titles practically simultaneously. Something that, at the same time, will be a great joy and a huge source of stress for fans (including myself), who will have to choose what to explore first: the new nether or the adventures proposed by Dungeons?

What also seems clear is that Mojang (that is, Microsoft), has made it clear that it had to give a clear, forceful and early response to what could become its main rival sometime next year. I speak, of course, of Hytale, the title that aspires to become the successor. With Minecraft Dungeons, maybe Hypixel Studios will have a little bit more difficulty. Of course, in reality, in the end, all that can translate into what is to come, is even better than we already expect.