How to Use a Meat Slicer

Meat slicer

A meat slicer is the latest advanced tool to slice meat from hunting or kitchen. It is a versatile kitchen tool. It can slice meat in many ways. To cut off your labor to slice meat, a Meat Slicer would be the best choice. Before buying or using a meat slicer, one should know the proper way to use it. So this article provides you the knowledge about the Meat Slicers and how to use it.

Different types of Meat Slicer :

Meat slicers come in different shapes and types in the market, but the main principle of a meat slicer is that the food is to be attached in the sliding tray, and then it should be passed over the rotating razor blades. It would cut the food into slices from a bigger piece. You should be very careful when using a meat slicer as it can cut your hands. But learning how to use it as a pro is very easy.

One should wash their hands before cutting meat. Hand gloves are also recommended. The first step is to pull the clamp and then swing it away from the surface of the meat slicer. Then, the meat bulk should be placed in the carriage. The clamp arm is to draw back onto the meat piece. It will keep the meat in place in the carriage. After that, the adjuster noob of the meat slicer should be turned on according to your need for the thickness of the Meat Slices. 

Tips to use meat Slicer 

A tissue of a bowl should be placed under the Meat slicer to take the Meat Slices. Now, turn on the Meat Slices. By pushing the handle of the carriage, the meat bulk will move onto the rotating razor blades. Always check the thickness of the slice after one cycle. Thereafter, push the carriage handle back and forth to cut the rest of the meat into slices. Always use your right hand to push the handle. Keep your left hand in the bottom of the Meat Slicers to help the Meat Slices to be drawn onto the tissue or bowl, after completing turn off the Meat Slicer. Wrap the Meat Slices into tissue paper and refrigerate or cook. Cleaning the Meat Slicer is the most important part. Wipe off the entire Meat Slicer, including the blades, carriage, and surfaces neatly. The adjuster noob should be turned to ‘0’ so that the next user does not get any unwanted cuts.

Keep in mind that a meat slicer can also be used to cut any food other than meat. It is an updated version of a mandolin. It is ideal for cutting food into thin slices. A serrated blade should be used instead of normal blades to slice cheese or bread as it helps to prevent sticking and crumbling. Try not to force the Meat Slicer to cut more food than the carriage all at once. It could hamper the motor and blades. Using a meat slicer wisely will give you benefits.