Keep high profile meetings safe and secure

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With the advent of the new technology and the omnipresence of smartphones, the security of virtual meetings has been compromised. But you can make your meetings safe and secure by the help of our article.

 Prior to the arrival of the smartphones, it was the most popular way to record material illegally in a confidential meeting with the help of recorders. Today, with estimated more than a million smartphone users to use in the United States, each user has the capability to have an covert meter operative at their own home to record the virtual meetings, with their own Wi-Fi receiver, camera, audio recorder, keyboard and computer. 

It is important to maintain security and privacy for high profile meetings whether it is a shareholder meeting, a political fundraiser or an internal executive meeting. When the comments made by the fundraiser were recorded and posted on-line, his political campaign took a negative hit. Intellectual Property theft pays billions of dollars every year for American businesses. Discussion of proprietary information may include customer pricing, R & D and production process, marketing and advertising strategies, legal issues, and salary information.

 How can corporate and government leaders make sure that their meetings are safe and secure and that the ownership of the information cannot be leaked? As a security and law enforcement professional, we are responsible for the security and have seen positive results for a well organized meeting. These guidelines can help in establishing processes and protocols to keep your information safe while having a virtual meeting.

Security for off-site meetings

Pre-Planning is Essential – Three months before the meeting, the most important departments (human resource, legal, internal security & external security) should come together, plan and evaluate the level of risk associated with the highly important meetings. Questions to be considered in this meeting include: How many people are expected, where is the meeting closed or corporate headquarters and parking ownership? Will there be enough security personnel appointed for the meeting? What is the training of these officers? Who is interested in the content of the meeting? How can this content be used?

Although corporate locations already have important security controls, an important meeting can attract crowds or protesters or content of the meeting may be important, therefore additional security measures are necessary. Apart from this, off-site meeting places such as hotels and convention centres’ have demanded further planning so that each region can be accessed.

This is done and reviewed because of security purposes. Effective pre-planning involves the monitoring of social media and news, which are the main topics in the news to evaluate and assess how a personal company can work. For example: If there is an energy company, how will their environmental systems be explained by organizations such as Greenpeace, and what are the effects of them?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other channels can help in the prevention of active social media monitoring, prevention and potential flash mob scenes. A table exercise should be done a month before the meeting, where each of the potential meeting works with emerging situations such as medical emergencies, obstruction attendants or water main breaks should be discussed.

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Establish a defence protocol – Accessing control is important and every visitor should be thoroughly tested, to ensure that their identity matches their state or federal identity. 

The security of the company must carry out a security audit of the Meeting Room before the meeting starts, so as to make sure that no susceptible hearing device is installed. The metal detectors should be installed at the place of the entry of the match.

For all appointments it is necessary to know that the security protocol is in a location that may include:

Pocketbook and briefcase check– Smartphones, computers, iPads and video and audio recorders should be removed and stored in a secure location.

Expert computer used for presentation– Speakers should present their PowerPoint presentations prior to the meeting and all presentations should be run off on a Master encrypted computer which has been pre-screened for bugs.

Post-meeting material investigation – Every flexible content should be reviewed to ensure that no sensitive information is left outside the meeting room.

During the meeting and before the meeting, the representatives should be briefed by the Security Team on the appropriate protocol. Many secrets have been opened in the hotel bar or gym when executives are not aware that the competitors are keeping an eye on their sensitive information.

The security protocol should also have an account to disrupt the meeting. A shareholder who has only one share of the company’s stock can get legal access to a share holder’s meeting. Buying a single share due to a worker for this reason is not uncommon. Although in the shareholder’s meeting every shareholder has the right to ask questions, but no one has the right to disrupt the purpose.

It is important to do pre-planning with corporate security and company’s public relations department so that protocols for interference with a disruptive or unnecessary media can be established.

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