Halal Brighton – The Ultimate Guide

Halal Brighton - The Ultimate Guide

One day after enjoying the sun and playing with seagulls, you don’t have to worry about finding halal food because once you know it is easy to find. Keep reading to discover the top halal restaurants not found in any particular order in Burlton and Howe.

1. Aloshi Brighton

Al-Shoshi is definitely one that should not be missed. Located just below Brighton Train Station, this restaurant offers a huge selection of authentic Lebanese cuisine. Think hot plate with hot creamy green chili sauce, fresh herbs, and a wide portion of grilled cheese and salad with flatbread. They also have a great range of vegetarian options if you don’t eat meat. Awesome food with reasonable prices is a real food gem of Alchemy Brighton!

2. A taste of the Sahara

Located in the heart of the city, Sahara offers a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine, from kebabs to teagans. The restaurant is also famous for its crowded chops for which it is claimed to be the best in town! For more dinner adventures, you can try some of their lesser dishes. While enjoying your amazing food, you can also admire the Middle Eastern decor that reminds you of Aladdin’s movie!

3. Ephesus

Following their success at Worthing, the award-winning restaurant has just opened a newly renovated branch in Brighton. This is a great selection of authentic Turkish dishes for your enjoyment, including table platters, lamb salad, baklava, and cakes (traditional Turkish yogurt). The bonus is that this family-friendly restaurant is easily accessible on foot from the beach – the perfect wake-up call after enjoying the afternoon sun on the beach. To avoid disappointment, make sure to make only one booking as they are usually busy during the weekend.

4. Orienthai

Longing for Asian food? Then head to Orientai on Lewis Road for a quick Asian street food experience. Although it is not a strictly sit-down restaurant, Orienthai has some tables where you can indulge yourself in Thai classics. They have a menu that includes a complete list of meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes, prepared in traditional Thai recipes. These include padded Thai noodles, tom yum soup, yellow curry, pineapple fried rice, and green papaya salad. They are all rich in spices. Don’t forget to include dynamite pepper oil in your diet to take your Asian street food experience to the next level!

5. EataliO

For instant Italian cutting, EataliO is our favorite. Here you can make your own food. First, you choose your base (pasta, wrap, or salad), then choose your filling and sauce. This is an ideal place to eat, especially if you have some nutritional needs.

Everything offered here tastes amazing and reasonably priced. Another great thing about this place is that you will feel less guilty than eating in Italy as it offers a great range of healthy options. Please note that although EataliO has halal options, it also offers regular (non-halal) meat.

6. Simit Palace

If you want a light meal, you should check out this Muslim-friendly bakery cafe that works the same way (with a ring-shaped turkey bread filling). Although the main food served here is turkey, they have an amazing range of desserts and savory pastries (including gluten-free and vegan) on offer for weeks.

Think of cheesecakes, chocolate browns, puddings, cheese mousses, and spinach pastries. As you enter the cafe, be prepared to invite your eyes to the beautifully presented cake in the fridge. Choose one or two of your favorites and enjoy it with Turkish coffee. A great idea for brunch or lunch after a busy day in Brighton.

7. Constantinople Cafe and Bistro

Featuring Mediterranean Fusion, this family-run restaurant offers homemade tables and tapas. The restaurant owner is committed to keeping things fresh using only organic and fresh ingredients. One of their endeavors is the amazingly delicious Constantinople lamb meatballs and kofta, cooked with a rich aubergine and tomato sauce and served with Greek yogurt and homemade pita bread. Are you still lost?

8. Turkish Villa Restaurant

I don’t like this place at all because it is located in Pool Valley Coach Station but in an unusual place. But don’t give up because this is Turkish

y One of Brighton’s jewels, as the name suggests, offers painful and authentic Turkish food, from lamb ribs to kanaf.

If you can’t decide what to eat, try their unusually tasty Lahkam, a traditional Turkish pizza served with lamb, vegetables and herbs, salad. After that, you can see yourself with a cup of Turkish tea or coffee.

Another great thing about this place is that it is very close to the famous Brighton Palace Pier and the beach. It is very easy to fill your hungry stomach after spending all day on the beach.

9. AlMoosh

Serving Lebanese and Arabic traditional and hearty food, Al-Mamush claims that his food is “better than cooking from your uncle’s house.” When you go to the restaurant, the food is cooked by the chefs, it can make you smell the spices. All of them are specially trained, which not only offers the best food to the consumers but also helps them to maintain strict halal standards.

Here you will find the usual and always delicious Kharov maheshi (lamb gently cooked with rice), shawarma wraps and platters, and even a traditional Arabic breakfast. In addition to meat, they offer a large selection of fish dishes such as grilled or fried seafood. What makes this restaurant special is that Almoosh regularly offers new dishes that you won’t find on the menu, making sure there is always something new to try. If you are a little surprised by your dining experience, just ask the chef to give you a special dish for the day.

10. Anatolia

What better way to refuel after exploring the traditional coastal city of Brighton than to dive into the fresh traditional food of the traditional coast. Its growing popularity around the world has helped make Turkish restaurants available in many places.

You must not miss Anatolia when you visit Brighton. Located just 0.3 miles from the Royal Pavilion, Anatolia offers a wide range of mouth-watering Turkish dishes that will satisfy your cravings. Try their famous chicken casserole, which is perfectly prepared and perfectly cooked. To top it off, there’s even live music in this cozy place!

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