Wavy Can Be A Bigger Challenge Than Straight Hair


Curly-haired women, from Marilyn Monroe to Beyoncé, are sometimes envious of their straight-haired peers. A curly coif symbolizes independence, strength, and freedom. Wavy hair, on the other hand, can be rebellious and difficult to manage. If you have curly hair, you are well aware that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Finding the correct product, tool, or technique becomes a huge cause of irritation due to this.

Most people like the notion of curly/curly hair, but those of us who have it know that it requires far more care and maintenance than one might think. Various things can determine how manageable curly hair depends on whether it is short or long hair, and therefore how it looks and what we can do with it.

Here are the very reason why wavy and curly hair can be a bigger challenge than straight hair.

Curly/Wavy Hair Is Drier

The oils on our scalp go down the length of our hair, adding smoothness and shine while keeping it healthy and free of split ends. This procedure is slowed down by curly and thick hair. Sebum from the scalp wicks down the length of hair strands and spreads more easily among strands that touch. Straight hair is perfect for this type of distribution because the hairs rest consistently against each other.

Shine Is Less In Wavy Hair

Curly hair’s lack of alignment limits the normal distribution of protecting and moisturizing scalp oils. In addition, it limits the formation of a nice shiny surface since the surface of curly hair is in many different directions. It is also more prone to damage from dryness, which reduces luster.

Curls Have More Reason To Break

Combs and brushes have a tougher time getting through curly hair. Breakage results from using these instruments, and breaking are exacerbated if the hair isn’t adequately moisturized and safeguarded. According to research, hair with tighter curls is generally thinner and weaker than hair with looser curls in particular hair types. Make use of a heat guard before styling wavy hair to prevent further damage.

Frizzles In Wavy Hair

For individuals with Wavy hair in general, frizz is a never-ending battle. Frizz indicates hair isn’t touchable after it’s been styled, which means it requires more maintenance. Avoid washing your hair every day since it will become too dry, and styling your hair the next morning will be more rigorous to avoid frizz.

Not Travel Friendly

When traveling, it’s common to feel forced to bring a curling iron and a straightening iron with you. Because you never know whether the temperature where you’re going will beat your hair into submission, straight hair, or wavy hair.

It Takes An Entire Day For Your Hair To Dry

When you shower in the morning, you notice that your curly tresses take a long time to dry; this is because these manes are voluminous, bushy, and messy, so air cannot easily travel through them for speedy drying.

You Can’t Dry Your Curly Hairs Properly Without A Diffuser Attachment

You can’t just use any hair dryer on your curly locks; you’ll need to select one that comes with a diffuser attachment that not only dries your hair properly but also maintains the curls defined and lovely.

Predictable Frizz

Curly hair/wavy hair experiences more frizz than other hair types; curly hair’s lack of moisture causes the dry cuticle to push up, leaving the tresses unkempt and frizzy.


Curly hairs come with their own set of unique problems that you have to deal with frequently daily. Its dry, frizzy hair texture, prone to breakage, tangling all make it a bigger challenge than straight hair!