Fantasy League 2017-complete Tips For IPL Team Selection

IPL Fantasy League

Indian Premier League 2017 was the tenth edition of T20. As Cricket mania is so famous in India it also introduced the virtual immersive fantasy or reality game experience. Interest and popularity are created among the gamers online with the virtual IPL fantasy league.

To ascertain the players, get a truly existing realistic experience, the IPL fantasy league was introduced, to entertain the fans with the entire process starting from the auction of players to the formation of the team.  

Along with giving fans a firsthand experience on owning teams to play the matches in the series, the Fantasy League has its own stringent rules and regulations from selecting team members to calculating points on the points table that allows the players to master the game and earn points to top the table. 

IPL Fantasy League

  1. Rules and regulations for selection in the IPL Fantasy League 

Similar to the IPL rules of restricting the overseas members in the team, the IPL fantasy league applies the same rules for the teams. It allows a maximum of 10 foreign players, with only four of them allowed playing in the eleven. A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 batsmen, one wicketkeeper and at least one all-rounder are allowed in each team. A minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 batsmen are allowed, along with a maximum of four all-rounders. Every team should have an uncapped player as well. Replication of one’s favorite team is not allowed in the IPL fantasy cricket league. If the maximum cap in a team is met, players can have dual roles. 

  1. Format and Calculation of points of the IPL Fantasy League Points table 

The IPL Fantasy Cricket league follows a points table where the players are awarded points by completing daily challenges. The points are based on batting and bowling points. Base points are 1 point per run scored. Strike rate and achieving milestones also award points to the batsmen. 10 bonus points are given for every 25 runs. 

Every wicket awards 20 points to the bowlers and the economy rate of the players decides on the other points. Bonus points for more than one wicket are awarded to bowlers. 10 points are given for taking two wickets adding extra 10 points for every wicket henceforth. 20 points for a maiden over and extra point to the bowler for every dot ball is awarded. 10 points each are awarded for each run taken and catch by the fielder. Stumping of wickets allows 15 points to the fielder. 

  1. Rules of the Daily Challenges

IPL Fantasy League 2017 was played in two formats, daily challenges and fantasy championship. The daily challenges allowed users to create a virtual team of players participating in matches every day and compete against other users and their teams. 

  1. The Fantasy Championship 

The fantasy championship format runs throughout the duration of the IPL. The user had to create a team before each IPL match and based on his team members had to get scores and points during the match. The player accumulating maximum score wins the virtual reality league.  

  1. Rules around Cancellation of Matches 

No points are scored for a match that does not end or declared as ‘no result’. No result match will not affect the points table even though the players performed well in the match. If the Duckworth-Lewis Method is used to declare the result of the match then the players will score the points earned through the game. 

It is important to choose the captain and vice-captain wisely as they score points 2x and 1.5x respectively and will lead your team to win in fantasy cricket contest in the IPL fantasy league.