What Kind Of Steps Can We Take After Slip And Fall Injury In The Shopping Mall?

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Shopping is an important part of everyone’s lives. Whether you are shopping for groceries or for new clothes, there is a good chance that you will spend hours looking through the store. Shopping malls have hidden dangers that not many people are aware of. One of those is the danger of slipping and falling. As a result, you could injure your head, spine, back or limbs.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, chances are that you could file a personal injury claim against whoever is responsible and seek compensation for your injuries. The compensation is for your:

  • Medical bills

  • Pain and suffering

  • Out of pocket expenses

  • Lost wages

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Here are the steps that you can take after a slip and fall injury in the shopping mall.

Always Seek Medical Treatment

Generally speaking, you should always seek medical help after an injury. Your wellbeing should be your number one priority and with that in mind, you should not hesitate to go to the hospital or call 911. If you are unable to move, call someone around you and ask for their help. Once the ambulance arrives, go with them and do not think about the cost of medical bills.

Worrying about your medical bills is the worst thing that you can do at the time. Simply ignore that for the time being, and let the doctor take care of you. Upon treating your injuries, the doctor will write a report including everything that you have said, the way you behaved and the injuries that you have sustained from the accident. You will later be able to use the doctor’s report as evidence proving your injuries.

Remember to always ask for a copy of it.

Take Note Of Everything

It is in your best interest to collect as much information as possible about the accident. Things that you should try and write down or memorize include:

  • The names of any people involved and their personal information

  • Phone numbers and email addresses of all potential witnesses

  • The area around the injury

  • Witness statements (if they agree to testify)

Once you have everything documented, you will have strong evidence supporting your claim. If you are able to take pictures with your smartphone, do it. Take photos of your injuries as well, the area where it happened and what you believe caused the injury (slippery floor, loose wires). If you can, place your shoes and your pants that you were wearing during the accident in a safe place. Believe it or not, those may contain valuable information about the accident.

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Report The Accident

It is important that you report the accident to someone. You should usually look for the landlord, the store owner or manager, or anyone of note if you are not sure who the store owner is. Once you report the injury, you will be able to file a claim as all parties have been notified of the injury. Keep in mind though that if you have been injured in the halls of the shopping mall, you should just report the injury to the nearest store managers, and ask them about the number of the store owner so that you can notify them as well. Eventually, you will find who is responsible for floor maintenance and who can be sued for your injuries.

Do Not Give Any Statements

It is important and in your best interest to remain calm and not to yell, scream or insult anyone when the accident happens. By doing so, you will only jeopardize your case and reduce the chances that you have of obtaining compensation. Until you speak with your attorney, do not talk to anyone else, other than to report the injury.
Do you have an attorney on speed dial? If not, be sure to speak with Kansas City Premises Liability Attorneys and seek their professional opinion and advice.

Do Not Post Anything On Social Media

If you believe that it is a good idea to post about your accident on social media, think again. It is probably the worst thing that you can do, as your social media accounts will be monitored by the insurance company. If they find any evidence that your injuries are not as “serious as you claim them to be”, they will do everything they can to try and stop you from gaining the compensation. 

Posting on social media will definitely reduce your chances of obtaining compensation for your injuries. The best thing you can do is avoid social media completely, as a single tag in a photo or video can ruin your case completely. And you do not want that to happen.

Hire An Attorney

It goes without saying that you need an attorney’s help to deal with the situation. Your best shot of obtaining compensation for your damages is your attorney. Understand the importance of having a good attorney, as it can be the main difference between obtaining substantial compensation and being left empty-handed. Our  Premises Liability Attorneys in Kansas City will help evaluate your case and represent your best interests. Feel free to give us a call today so that we can help you file your initial personal injury claim. After that, our attorneys will negotiate with the insurance company and try and help you settle for the highest amount possible.

If the insurance company refuses to settle, the case will go to trial. However, that may only further benefit you as you have enough evidence to prove that the at-fault party’s negligence caused your injuries. 


Take these steps and you will have the highest chances possible to walk away with substantial compensation for your injuries.