Track Viber Messages without Target Phone

Track Viber Messages without Target Phone

Do you want to monitor Viber messages of someone else? Whether you are a parent concerned about messaging of your teen or an employer doubtful about online chats of workers, you can set all your worries to the rest with spy app. The technologists have designed a mobile app for parents and entrepreneurs to supervise activities performed by offspring and employees on instant messaging apps like Viber. By using the app, you can find out how your concerned persons use the instant messenger. You can read their chats, access their call logs and watch media exchanged by them. Read on to know how Viber spy app lets you track messages without having access to the target phone.

An Overview of Viber

Viber is a popular instant messaging app having millions of active users worldwide. The instant messenger allows user to exchange text messages, photos, videos, GIFs, GPS location, contacts and more. In addition to it, the communication app offers video calls and audio calls. The most interesting feature of Viber is secret chats that can be deleted from receiving device automatically after a set time period. Using the feature, you can share your secrets and express your thoughts without fear of getting them disclosed. The app charges nothing and uses the internet connection to enable the user to interconnect with people across the world. 

Tracking App for Viber Messenger

There is a mobile tracker app that is particularly designed for parents and employers to keep tabs on digital behavior of children and employees. The app enables the end-user to closely watch out online and offline activities of the target without accessing their phone. By using the app, parents can stay informed of their kids’ digital activities. It helps to protect them from predators, harassers, scammers and scoundrels. The business owners can supervise communication of workers by tracking instant messaging apps like Viber. It helps to ensure their employees do not misbehave with co-workers and customers. Also, it helps to prevent data breach and illegal data transfer.  

How the Tracker App Works

Once you install the tracker app on your concerned person’s smartphone, you can remotely monitor activities performed on the device. The app automatically syncs specific data saved on the phone including Viber messages, call logs and media files. It uploads data to a secret online account from where the end-user of the tracking app can retrieve it anytime. Once the app is installed on the target phone, there is no need to access the phone again to check it out. The app automatically provides necessary information through the secret web portal.

Read Viber Messages

The messages received and transmitted by the target through Viber can be accessed right from the online portal of the tracking solution. The app syncs incoming and outgoing Viber messages comprising text, stickers, GIFs and emoticons. The end-user can read these messages and get contact detail of message senders and receivers. The app completes the entire process without notifying the target or creating any alert on the target phone.

Track Viber Calls

Do your kids use Viber to make audio and video calls? You can find out from whom they receive calls and to whom they make calls on the instant messenger. The cell phone surveillance app syncs Viber call logs and uploads to the online portal. By logging into the portal, parents can get VOIP call detail of their children. Also, they can access contact data of callers and recipients.  

Watch Viber Media

Through the instant messaging app, the user can exchange photos, videos and voices. The end-user of the Viber spy app can monitor media exchanged by the target through the instant messenger. The tracking solution creates online backup of Viber media by uploading it to the online portal. The end-user can retrieve the uploaded media anytime and from anywhere by logging into the web portal. 

Record Viber Screen

The activities performed on the instant messenger can be captured with secret screen recording feature of the surveillance app. The app also offers on-demand screenshots to capture digital activities of the target.