Easy Steps for Gorgeous Looking Skin


They are not wrong when they say that the glow on your skin reflects a lot about your humour and lifestyle. So, why not be a bit more skin conscious so that your skin glows and emits radiance. We can assure you that with radiant and happy skin, half the battle in life is already won. However, healthy skin is no cakewalk, and you need to work hard for it. Well, we’re kidding!

Here are some easy steps for a gorgeous skin you can follow as a routine every day.

  1.    Take up Cardio

Well, it does look like some work, to begin with, but cardio is the best activity you can incorporate into your everyday routine. It promoted blood circulation in various parts of your body and nourishes it with oxygen. Plus, the toxins which seep into the skin due to intense pollution also get out of the skin as the blood pumps and gets purified. These toxins ultimately leave the body through the liver’s detox system. Therefore, cardio is essential to clean your body from inside out and make your skin reflect all the positivity.

  1.    Say No to Caffeine

Say No to Caffeine

Whether its tea, coffee, aerated drinks, or something else you use to keep you up at night, everything is taking you far from your dream of having glowing and radiant skin. The reason behind it is that caffeine rids your skin of the much-needed moisture, leaving it dry and undernourished. When you are spending money on moisturizing your skin every day, why let a cup of coffee ruin it for you? So, start your day with a glass of lemon water and honey which will not only hydrate your skin but also nourish your skin.

  1.    Beta-Carotene is the key!

What you eat is what you look like. Well, maybe not accurately, but your skin does reflect if you are consuming too much junk in the form of oil, acne, and pigmentation. So, make sure that you eat right and intake lots of fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene to promote collagen building. Apricots, carrots, spinach, and other veggies rich in vitamin A are your go-to options here.

  1.    Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

The old belief that one should drink at least eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated is a gone thing as it puts extra pressure on your kidneys. Now, what you should aim at is to keep hydrated all the time. Water keeps your skin elastic and supple at all times.

  1.    Cleansing is a must

Whether or not you step out in the day, you have to cleanse your skin with a proper cleansing facewash every day and night before you go to bed. It removes all the dirt, makeup, pollution, and oil from your face and prepares your skin to absorb the next layer of moisture. So, use a cleanser that cleans and detoxifies your skin.

Plus, experts like Dr. Hauschka from Yes Wellness advice against the use of alcohol, soap, and detergent based cleansers as they strip off all the essential oils from your skin, forcing the oil glands to produce more oil leading to acne.

  1.    Never Ditch Exfoliation

When the texture and brightness of your skin are suffering because of excessive pollution, it is the smoke particles, dust, and impurities settling on your skin. To get rid of them, you need a good scrub which can work through your pores and take out all the toxins from your skin for a radiating glow.

  1.    Moisturise


To moisturize doesn’t mean to apply any cream out there, it is to select the right formula which will seep into the deepest layers of your skin to leave it nourished. It is the deepest layer of skin, dermis which most moisturizers are not able to reach and, therefore, it is not as bouncy and plump as you might want it to be. So, use a good moisturizer to keep the elasticity of your skin intact.

  1.    Sunscreen is a must

Even if the weather outside is cloudy and you don’t think that the sun can harm you, it can. Because the UVA rays of the sun which damage the deepest layers of the skin, are not blocked by clouds, glass, or fog. Hence, even on cloudy days, you should wear a good SPF 15 plus sunscreen. For sunny days, you should up your game and opt for the ones with SPF 50 to escape the brutal photodamage which can cause early ageing.

One thing that we don’t realize until we hit the 30s is that the skin starts to age as soon as we hit 18. So 18 is the best time, to begin with, a preventive skincare routine.

Well, now that you know everything you an ideal skin care routine should involve, cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and hit the gym right away!