The Latest Trend Exhibition Stand Design Follows

Exhibition Stand Design

While there are so many things that remain the same in an exhibition stand design. As more and more players invest in trade show booths as an effective marketing tool, the challenge is to design and build an exhibition stand that makes the right impact as the business world gets more competitive.

To ensure that your exhibition stand builders the UK are more than just a simple showcase as the following are some trends that can be used.

Marketing in an experiential way

We are going to see more and more companies who are engaging in experiential marketing as this is getting really easy to set up VR gear. Solutions such as gamification and other engagement are being adopted.

For finding an experiential marketing opportunity that will be attracting and engaging your audience to create differentiation as you need to engage a creative exhibition stand design company.


In a trade show booth design, brand awareness and consistency remains very crucial. This is an effective way of communicating your brand and its values, building brand image and achieving brand recall is what a bespoke exhibition stand with customized literature and branding forms an effective way.

They can help you stand out and draw in the footfalls for the customized stand design, graphics, and displays.

Technological advancements

It is in a state of constant innovation with the technology space. For your benefit, there is a number of inventions that you can use. So that you can use the display screens to show your logo, corporate films or product videos as today there are a number of inventions that you can use.

For the visitors’ smartphones, you can also offer inexpensive conveniences such as free Wi-fi or a charging booth for the visitor’s smartphones as you can also offer inexpensive conveniences.

You can chat about your products while they charge their device as this will offer a seamless way to initiate conversations with visitors. They can encourage the visitors to link to your website, YouTube video, etc while placing a QR code that is close to the charging station.


This not only makes the booth more welcoming as lighting continues to be a focus. This helps immensely to draw in the attention to unique graphics, important messages, or exclusive parts of the stand too.

There are many lighting options to create ambience on an exhibition stand with the advancements in lighting technology. To complement the branding and stand graphics in the stall, designers will focus on the lighting fixtures and LED light walls.

Booth staff

It is very essential to have professional booth staff. The trade shows are a platform to live on, with face-to-face interaction with the customers, so the booth staffers will have a major impact on how well you perform after all.

To select the team well in advance and training them so that they draw in the leads and engage the visitors effectively while the trend is so. By a well-trained, highly motivated booth staff with even a poorly designed booth can be well-being uplifted.

Don’t implement too much lighting

With the features that you no longer require, you can easily save money through it. If it is not required, you need to avoid too much of extra fascinating lighting. Lamps are a great way to light up your space to make them a perfect setting in its place.

Using the lamps can help you build a relaxed atmosphere for your visitors if the main objective of your exhibition is to build relationships or create primes.

Renting Instead of Purchasing

Instead of purchasing according to your requirements it is a very cost-effective way according to the requirements. To meet your needs and objectives you can rent the best design.

Downsizing the size of your Exhibition Stand UK

It is not all about the size when it comes to exhibition stand the UK. It does not mean that it has a big impact on the bigger size of the stand. While downsizing the size and adding up that extra impact and features you can save a lot of money.

To conclude

For your business, exhibiting at an expo or trade fair can be a rewarding experience. But there are efforts that are required to derive the maximum ROI.

All these elements should be deal very professionally for the best results. Although for the best presentation and arrangements a lot of budgets is requires but in few things we can easily and effectively save some money like in exhibition stand designs as well as display stand designs.

An exhibition stand design should reflect the brand, appeal an audience and make a striking experience for potential customers. Sometimes all these requirements don’t come under a cost-effective package so what we can do to save money without compromising on design and quality?