Adore the indoor plants of your Caravan by following these hacks


Adore the indoor plants of your Caravan by following these hacks:

The decor of the place you live is a reflection of yours. Whether it is your home, your office cabin, your car or your caravan, items displayed by you showcase your choice. People who love nature never miss growing some plants on their premises. Many people plan a small garden or a few plants in their caravan too. If you also have a caravan and you want to enhance its looks with a beautiful garden, then you can grow a few indoor plants in the caravan. Merely placing an indoor plant will not be sufficient to beautify your caravan and give some fresh oxygen in the cabin but proper care of the indoor plants should also be taken. Here are some gardening hacks for indoor plants of your caravan:

  • Placement of the plant: Carefully, figure out the spot in your caravan where can put the plants for longer life. Caravans can give greenhouse effect to the plant through the glass, so it is advisable to place the plant in a spot where it can receive indirect sunlight and not directly from the glass.
  • Select the size of the plant: When you have decided upon the spots for placing the indoor plants in your caravan, it is important to select the size of the inside plant for your caravan. Choose the plants which fit the length, width, and height of the desired spot. Also, consider the prospective growth of the plant before finalizing the plant.
  • Know your plant: The plant you are planning to grow in your caravan should be able to survive in the given conditions. The requirements of the plant with respect to the duration of sunlight, amount of water, soil care, clearing of dead leaves, etc. should be known to you to give a healthier and longer life to your plant. If you love your plant, undoubtedly you will not be careless while giving the desired care to the plant.
  • Add accessories: You can add a few accessories to the pot of your plant to further enhance its looks along with with your caravan. Glass beads, old toys, stones, shiny metal objects, etc. can be used as decorative accessories. Use these accessories justifiably so that it may not adversely affect the absorption of the nutrition from the soil by the plant.
  • Plant’s care in your absence: If you are not able to take care of your plants in your caravan for a few days for any reason then assign the responsibility to someone else. A family member or else a trustworthy neighbour or friend can take care of your plants in your caravan in your absence. If you are not comfortable in giving your caravan keys to anyone for the safety of the caravan then you can move your plants out of the caravan and give them to the caretaker you have chosen for your plants till the time you will be back to your dear plants.

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