Reasons For Rejection Of Visa From Immigration Services UK

Rejection Of Visa From Immigration Services

Travelling today is an integral part of everyone’s routine. Travelling through different boundaries is common whether it is for occupation or leisure trips. Contrary to the popular belief, procuring a visa is not difficult especially if you understand the process. There are various kinds of visas that are granted by the immigration services of the respective countries. International or foreign visa is an umbrella term for different kinds of visas available. It is important to know which visa is applicable in your case depending on the purpose of your visit. For instance, if you want to go abroad for studies and research work, you will get a category of visa, but it is going to differ when you go there as a tourist or for work or business. While asking for a visa, you have to stick to the basic principles to avoid getting rejected. Try to become familiar with the visa rules before obtaining it.

UK visa application system

The system of applying for a UK visa is a scrutinized and strict process as the immigration services of UK receive thousands of applications every year. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure you are eligible as a visa applicant and meet the requirements of the visa category. Apart from this, you have to submit all the documents needed for this purpose. Once your visa is rejected by the immigration services, it stays documented in the UK Home Office and its records permanently. So, whenever you apply for UK visa again, the records are going to pop up showcasing the reasons for refusal and becomes an impediment for procuring UK visa in future. Therefore, you have to prepare the documents and abide by the rules so that the visa clearance comes in the first attempt.

The following points highlight some of the reasons for the rejection of a UK visa.

  • Mentioning Post Box number and mismatch in the dates

Mismatch in the date of tickets and the dates mentioned in the forms is a big mistake that puts your visa application under a dark cloud. The authorities are less likely to pass the visa application smoothly when there is any sort of confusion in the form. Another mistake is to mention the post office box numbers as it is not a part of your address. When it comes to reviewing the visa application, the authorities require the column to stay accurate and precise. If you add a post box number, you are going to ruin the chance of acquiring the visa.

  • Long and unclear itinerary

When you apply for a UK visa from India, you have to be realistic about the itinerary you mention. If you want to explore the country, it is not going to take you anything beyond seven to ten days and anything beyond that is going to create suspicion in the mind of the immigration officers. When a long itinerary appears as if you are going there for work or studies and shows that you might settle there for work, you are going to face the chances of rejection. As an expensive country, you must have some other reasons than touring when your routine is long beyond reason. Try to be specific about the itinerary you mention such as the cities and the dates on which you are going to visit them. If your itinerary is too long, you have to attach an additional cover letter.

  • Inclusion of leave approval letter

Including a leave approval letter, you have procured from your employer increases your chances of obtaining a visa as it is one of those documents that help in strengthening your chances of obtaining a visa. When you provide the approval letter, the visa authorities are sure that you have strong relationships with your country and have a personal obligation to come back to your country after a trip to the UK. The letter of approval must clearly mention that your work authorities have granted you leave to travel to the UK, and you are obliged to return to your country after the vacation. Apart from this, the letter must be on the letterhead of the company and include the signature of the HR manager with the official seal. If you are unable to get this letter, ask your employer to mention the details of your leave.

  • Showing the deposits

Your visa application can face rejection when your bank account does not show the monthly salary deposits or when you have large deposits. While the former shows that you do not have a steady source of income, the latter shows that you have borrowed money to inflate the numbers in the bank account.

The UK visa refusal rate has been at an all-time high during these days. The UK Home Office has been handling over more refusals recently. You have to meet the visa requirements and provide all the documents needed to avoid the hindrances in obtaining a visa.