Best Ninja Weapons and Their Uses

Ninja Weapons

The real ninja weapons are weapons that were widely used once in the old times. The weapons were used by ninjas who warriors were based out of a village where modern-day China is located today. The use of these weapons was incorporated by them for the protection of their village, loved ones, and belongings.

Becoming a ninja was not an easy thing. It required a great amount of compassion, dedication, and practice. For becoming a ninja, one had to learn the art of fighting without and with the Ninja Weapons. Just like their skills were special, their weapons were special too.

The ninja weapons list includes the sai, stars, swords, bo staff, and the nunchucks. All weapons were different from one another and were ideal for a specific task. Today, you can use the weapon in many interesting ways that are not known to many.

What is a Real Ninja Weapon?

A ninja weapon is a weapon that was in use by the ninjas. There were several weapons that were used. Read on to learn more about them.

Best Ninja Weapons of Various Kinds

As stated, there are a variety of ninja weapons. Reading through will get you familiar with what each weapon is good at.

  • Ninja Stars

The ninja stars are a long-range hitting weapon. They are stars that have pointed edges that could be four or five in some cases. To get your target, you just need to hit it from a distance. As they do not require you to come close, they are the best weapons to be used by the ninjas. They can not only be used for hitting enemies, but you can also hunt animals with them.

  • Bo Staff

The bo staff is a close combat weapon. The staff is a long wood-made stick that using in many ways. You can block people with it, or you can hit them with one end, or you can hit multiple enemies by flipping the weapons in one go with both hands.

  • Sai Weapon

The sai weapon is another cool weapon that using back then. It is a larger version of a fork except that the handle is small, and the blades are longer. The weapon is ideal for close combat and using for stabbing enemies back then. The weapon carries as an additional weapon by the ninjas.

  • Nunchucks

The nunchucks or the nunchakus are a weapon that is the coolest of all real ninja weapons. They are two sticks that have a chain that joins them. You can hit one end by holding one, or you can choke your enemies with the thick chain of the weapon.

  • Ninja Sword

Contrary to swords that you find today, the ninja sword is a unique weapon that is shorter in size and is effective if two are using at a time. Ninjas, back then, used two at a time and carried them in a back strap. You can replicate the use in the same way.

  • Ninja Weapons for Kids

The ninja weapons for kids are weapons that have been made, keeping kids in mind. Many kids want to have a weapon that they see in movies or in cartoons, but giving those real weapons could be a bad idea. That is why you get to buy all these weapons made out of foam. They are totally safe, and kids would love them.

The weapons have been of great importance in the past, and their use has been depicte in many martial art movies and cartoons where the ninja turtle weapons play a vital role. Being a part of history, weapons are the best to buy.

Buy Martial Art Ninja Weapons

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