Maximilian David Muniz, Jennifer Lopez’s Son: 5 Fast Facts

Maximilian David Muniz

Who doesn’t know about Maximilian David Muniz, Jennifer Lopez’s Son: 5 Fast Facts? The beauty who shook the world with her “On the floor” isn’t just recognized for her eclectic and extraordinary songs but is notorious for her relationships and kids too. 

While the resemblance of her beauty is very apparent on the face of one of her kids, Maximilian David Muniz, there are fun facts about the kid which will shock you to the core. 

Did you know that Maximillian has a twin sister too? Did you know that he is fraternally related to Marc Anthony? No, right? That is why you need to keep scrolling down to know these extremely “buzzing” facts about Maximilian David Muniz. 

5 Fun Facts To Be Explored – Maximilian David Muniz

  • Maximilian And Emma Split The Times Between Both Parents Just Like Normal Kids Do…

Maximilian David Muniz and Emme Maribel Muñiz were born on February 22, 2008, to J-Lo and Anthony Marc. As the couple divorced in 2014, the concept of co-parenting the children strived later on. Lopez, who is now engaged to the baseball star Alex Rodriguez, has claimed that family comes first for her.

While we can see how she keeps snuggling with her son in Instagram posts, her social media pages are enough to showcase that she focuses on her kid’s wellness. Even after the split, Anthony and Lopez continue to be friends and have decided to split the “parental time” according to the custody agreement. 

Everything seems to be well managed, doesn’t it? But here’s where it gets better. As the current beau of Lopez has two children of his own, they get to spend time with their step-siblings. In a recent interview, when asked about the agreement, Lopez comments,

 “We’re just in a great place, and the kids get to spend time with the two of us more together and see us working together. It is just good for the whole family.”

  • The Talent Is Integral Because Max Can Sing Too…

As we have earlier mentioned that Lopez is very open about sharing her special moments on social media. She often shares videos of her and her children having a “good time.” Nonetheless, one of the recent clips that she shared online included Max singing ” Riptide.”

And trust us when we tell you this, he is totes adorable and CAN SING just like his mother. Regarding the performance, Lopez captioned it on her social media by claiming the following, 

“My heart can’t take it… ?♥️?? ?? #coconuts #familia #dinnertableserenade #música”


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Hold On, Two More Left

  • She Wants Max To Walk Her Down The Aisle

Though Jennifer and Rodriguez have not figured out the date of marriage, what J-lo has shared her thoughts on is the fact that she wants Max to walk her down the aisle. We all know how important the “walking down the aisle” ceremony is, and we cannot agree more with J-Lo’s decision. Not only that, but she wants Emma to be one of the bridesmaids. When asked about the marriage, she commented,

 “We’re talking about it, but we don’t have any firm plans. We’re talking about a lot of places, but I don’t know yet.”

  • Max Received A Standing Ovation When He Sang At His Mother’s 50th Birthday Party…

The best gift is that which is given from the heart. Max and Emma decided to surprise their mother by performing during Jennifer’s birthday. The singing was so well done that it not only received praises from the audience but was even hailed with a standing ovation.

  • Family Comes First, Even In The Time Of Business…

As we have already mentioned the fact that this family comes first. That is why even during the Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance, she chose to spend time with her son and daughter. This closeup time between the children and mother became a common ritual as she shows how normal a life that they lead.

Quick Wikis – Bio

Personal Info
☛ Name ⚠️ Maximilian David Muñiz
☛Nick Name ⚠️ Maxi
⚠️ Jennifer Lopez’s son
☛Birthday ⚠️ February 22, 2008
☛Age ⚠️ 13 years (As of 2021)
☛Gender ⚠️ Male
☛Birthplace ⚠️ Long Island, New York, United States
☛Nationality ⚠️ American
☛Famous as ⚠️ Jennifer Lopez’s Son
☛Ethnicity ⚠️ Latino , Puerto Rican
☛Zodiac Sign ⚠️ Pisces
☛High School ⚠️ N/A
☛Instagram ⚠️ N/A
☛Net Worth ⚠️ $1 – $2 Million
Family (Parents & Siblings)
☛Father’s Name ⚠️ Marco Antonio Muñiz
☛Mother’s Name ⚠️ Jennifer Lynn Lopez
☛Grand Parents ⚠️ David Lopez (Jennifer Lopez’s father)
  ⚠️ Guadalupe Rodríguez (Jennifer Lopez’s mother)
  ⚠️ Felipe Muñiz (Marc Anthony’s father)
  ⚠️ Guillermina Muñiz (Marc Anthony’s mother)
☛Siblings Emme Maribel Muñiz (Sister)
  ⚠️ Ariana Anthony (Sister)
  ⚠️ Chase Muñiz (Brother)
  ⚠️ Cristian Marcus Muñiz (Brother)
  ⚠️ Ryan Adrian Muñiz (Brother)
☛Marital Status ⚠️ Single

Haven’t you had your fill of these adorable facts? Check out Lopez’s Instagram account to see more of max and his sister Emma.