10k Instagram Followers – Your Secret Sauce to Achieve the Same

10k Instagram Followers

Let us be very candid; gaining 10k followers on Instagram is a hard nut to crack. That is because you are new to this photo-sharing social site and need to learn much to achieve this gargantuan goal. When you are new, no one knows about your business and products. Then, that must disappoint you and neither are we here to scare you off, but to help you realize your social media marketing goals. 

What will happen when you have 10k followers and how do you benefit? Well, once you have that number of followers on Instagram, you have the option to use the Swipe up Link in the Stories feature of Instagram and upload lengthy videos on IGTV. It is a tangible incentive for your Instagram profile because you have social proof. The social proof will help your business validate on this photo-sharing site, promote your brand, gaining collaborations, and connecting with your targeted audiences. 

10k Instagram Followers

According to an article published on Forbes.com, there are several ways to increase followers on Instagram including using videos on this platform, creating community and building engagement, and things like that. Here are the secrets to achieving 10k Instagram followers:

Boost your profile to encourage connection 

Yes, you need to boost your Instagram profile, in and out. Many times, visitors focus on the look, appearance, and feel of the Instagram feed instead of looking into your profile. That is why you need to make each aspect of your account very approachable and clear. Ensure that visitors to your Instagram profile like to follow your business or brand. Did you know that three profile elements play a significant part in increasing your audience base to 10k followers? 

These elements are a concise and clear handle to make your Instagram account easily accessible. You need to use that 30-character username to make your brand recognizable, as well as your purpose. 

Determine whether you use your picture or your business logo in the profile picture segment. Usually, a logo is ideal for businesses or for that matter groups with more than one personality behind them. 

You can use profile photos for a single personality behind your business. Make sure profile pictures have your shoulders and head, as well as a clear, neat background. 

Use the 150-character feature in your Instagram bio and ensure it benefits your profile page. Add a clear call-to-action or CTA. Make sure you format with spacers, line breaks, and emojis. Add a trackable link to measure your performance on Instagram. 

These elements will help in creating the first good impression on your targeted audience so that you can build 10k followers. 

Understand your targeted audience 

This is most essential, understanding and deciding on your targeted audience. If you do not know your potential customers and create Instagram content for them, you are missing all opportunities. That is because the content will not resonate with the wrong audience. It is as simple as that. Therefore, you need to zero-in on your targeted customers to gain more followers who would care what your brand message wants to communicate with them. 

Then, Instagram will never let users see who has viewed their account. Therefore, if you are asking, can people see what you look at on Instagram; the answer is a resounding no. 

The best way to boost your follower count is through some research on your audience and understanding who could be your loyal followers. You need to ask many questions to figure out your targeted audience. These are:

  • Which are the greatest incentives you are offering to users via your Instagram page? 
  • Who is gaining the greatest benefits from your IG posts?
  • Who is your loyal or perfect follower? 
  • Do you know your competitors? Who is following them? 
  • Can you reach out to similar followers, or do something different to reach out to the followers your competitors cannot reach?

Once you have answers to these questions and are sure about your targeted audience, it is time to create awesome Instagram content and boost your IG profile to gain more followers on this platform. Try these strategies and it will help you achieve your goals. 

Create content that your followers will like

Uploading photos or creating IG videos only takes a couple of seconds and that is why many marketers think that content creation on Instagram is easy. No, it is not. It will not support your social media marketing goals if you are just uploading photos or videos at random. If you would like to have 10k followers, you need to plan and curate your Instagram content. Here is how: 

  • Create and schedule an IG content plan in advance. It will let you decide which content to create, analyze, and shoot videos professionally that look stunning. 
  • Create content that your followers would like to see and engage with the same. You need to spend some time to understand what kind of content works for Instagram. 
  • While curating content, identify the five best topics that you are good at and keen on posting to promote your products or services on Instagram. 
  • Structure or outline these five topics or subjects in many ways all through the content schedule. 
  • Take some time out of your busy schedule to do hashtag research to figure out what your targeted audience is looking for online and wanting to learn about the subjects relevant to your business. 
  • Focus on the keywords in your Instagram posts as well as captions.

You can outline your subjects using the value framework. It means:

Valuable: It implies supportive, instructive, learning, or teaching.

Aspirational: It means real, idealized, and achievable goals or vision.

Lifecycle: it signifies developing brand responsiveness, cultivating relationships, and inspiring action. 

Unique: It means exclusive, business-oriented content, and branded.

Evergreen: It means relevant, beneficial, useful, and timely forever. 

Value is a crucial aspect of the entire content planning process on Instagram and therefore, you must define your topics using the same. 


Gaining 10k followers is difficult but not impossible if you follow the above tips and tricks. It will take some time to increase your follower count but will happen.