How To Uplift The Mood Of Your Partner?

Mood Of Your Partner

Relationships are not always lovey-dovey and mushy-mushy. It is also sometimes harsh and challenging. Arguments, and fights are an inevitable part of every relationship. No matter how hard you try to keep calm and let things go off, at some point or the other you find yourself quarrelling with your partner.

Well, squabbles may not be a bigger issue for most of you, but how to make up and uplift the mood of your partner could be. Most of you fail miserably at making your partner smile, especially after a fight. And, women are not that easy to impress as well. 

So, we are going to help you out. Scroll and read every point to know every tip to make her smile again wide, just after your fight with her. 

  1. Confess: A simple “ I am Sorry” immediately can do wonders. When you witness the anger of your wife or girlfriend soaring to the next levels, politely say Sorry to calm her soul. Be genuine in your confession to avoid further troubles. If this doesn’t work, take the creative route. Make a Sorry greeting card, or stick sticky notes with “I am Sorry and a sad smiley.” You could also send flowers with a sorry message card. We are hopeful, all these would work. Another word of advice, be patient for your forgiveness and keep putting the efforts, until you are forgiven. 
  2. Chocolate Cake: Chocolate is rich in flavonoids and other minerals that instantly uplift the mood of the person. The best way to make her melt is to either bake or order online a chocolate heart-shaped cake. While the chocolate will do its work to improve the flow of happy hormones in her brain–the serotonin, the dopamine, the endorphins and the heart-shaped cake will make her feel all your sweet love. 
  3. Cute Texts: Never underestimate the power of text messages, especially in this digital age. Send her cute text messages asking for forgiveness. Add a lot of emojis and gifs to bring a smile on her face. She will respond to you immediately, “ You are Forgiven” and after that things may reach the next level in your relationship. 
  4. Bring Her Gifts: There is no fight that gifts can’t resolve. When every effort of yours to make her smile and seek her forgiveness fails, go this way. Bring her gifts and see her go from the angry young woman to happy woman in seconds. If you know her choices, very good. If not, take her shopping along and let her buy whatever her heart desires (to her forgiveness, you surely would need to lose your pockets). 
  5. Give Her Space and Time: Sometimes it’s better to leave her alone and let time heal the wounds. After any argument or so, just distance yourself from her a bit, and give her the time and space. At the end of the day or the next day, talk to her and sort out your problems. You could ask for forgiveness and give her assurance it won’t happen again. 
  6. Communicate: Communication is vital, even if you are angry with each other. Not communicating with her may worsen the situation. So, take a deep breath, have a glass of water, go to her and talk. Make her listen to you, listen to her, and talk. By talking to each other, you will come to a consensus. In between, say something funny or a tongue-in-cheek line to make her smile beautifully. 
  7. Take her Out: After a fight or so, give her break from all the duties and take her out. The change of scene will surely make her feel better and good. A dinner at her favourite restaurant, or eating at an ice-cream parlour, or just a walk in the park is enough. Hold her hands and talk. 

So, you know how to save the day! Implement these diligently and you shall succeed.