Some Tricks On Instagram To Have Followers


It may seem strange to you but filters affect the number of likes you get and followers!

There are some filters that users like more than others.

Here are the ones on Instagram that I recommend you use : Clarendon (according to the website this filter increases the possibility of receiving Likes by 23%), Normal, X-Proll, Perpetua and Valencia.

Ah! you might be interested in reading a complete guide on  what they are and how to use Instagram filters . In reality, the real step forward is if you create a custom filter and apply it to all your photos. There are several apps for creating unique filters such as Lightroom, VSCO or Photoshop. I want to meet you and save you unnecessary time.

If you are not familiar with this type of app I recommend you download Lightroom and since you have been good and did not send me to that country before, here is a gift for you!

Write an engaging caption

At this point you have almost all the elements to make your image interesting in the eyes of your potential followers. You can get more free Instagram followers by this way. Lastly, what you need is an interesting caption . But how to do it? A good advice for everyone is to write the caption as ” clean as possible “. 

Therefore avoid:

  • insert too many hashtags (and try to insert them only at the end)
  • write blocks of text that are too long (prefer bulleted lists)
  • Also remember to add a Call to Action .

To improve the engagement of your posts, you can ask your followers to comment on the photo with their opinion, or better yet to tag a friend in the comments: As a result, your message will be seen by even more people, increasing the number of prospective followers.

To make you understand that these strategies are valid, consider that in the photo of which I am attaching the screen of the caption I took 2 thousand likes and 27 comments. Not bad considering that I used to get a maximum of 400 Likes.

Increase followers by posting Stories

The Stories have basically been cloned from Snapchat and, probably, have been designed precisely to involve a young audience more and more. If you want to more in a short time, you can buy Instagram followers without any risk.

That said, today everyone uses them, or almost.

Post video on IGTV or use Reels

The trend of Instagram is to allow, in the future, to publish videos of unlimited duration, as happens on YouTube. Today the revolution is called IGTV.

Record your video (as mentioned in portrait format)

Edit it , I suggest you use an easy App like InShot: once you have selected the movie you want to edit you have a whole series of tools that will allow you to cut it in order to take only the sections that interest you, to add text (the my advice is to always do it, using a few words, positioned on two bands one above and one below the clip, which summarize the topic you talk about in the video), finally save it on your phone. Likes on Instagram are till important. You can try to buy Instagram likes without any danger.

Upload it to IGTV giving it a title and, at the same time, select the one-minute preview to post on your feed. The preview is crucial because it is a bit like a trailer of your video. People watch it and, if the content is of interest to them, they click on the IGTV icon to continue watching it.