Workout App Development: How Classpass Raised $285m

Workout App Development: How Classpass Raised $285m

ClassPass, an app platform letting users to find fitness classes and gyms in their vivicnty, has announced a $285 million funding.

 “While this milestone feels great, what is much more validating is the 100 million hours of workouts that our members have booked through the ClassPass platform and the millions in revenue we have channeled to our 30,000 fitness partners to date,” founder and Executive Chairman Payal Kadakia said. “We measure our success by our positive impact on our members and partners.”

It is indeed an achievement, but what exactly made this app to win the battle of competition, and come out as a winner.

Let’s find out the secret with this post further…

Market research is not an option for your mobile app’s success, rather it opens a door of opportunities which never shuts for your mobile app!

When the seedlings of getting a mobile app comes into existence in your brain then there are many aspects which have to be taken into consideration and you simply cannot rely on the mobile app concept to help your mobile app get awarded with the enough number of recognition and accolades.

The competition and the ever-growing number of the mobile apps in the app market make it toughest for your mobile app to get even noticed by the potential and the targeted user base.

No don’t take me wrong am totally not going to indulge into a whole and massive details of some of the musts which make your mobile app a success, rather going to only address a one particular segment form the huge list, which seems not-so-significant by the marketer, but eventually has a strong credit base to gaining a popular and the most influential app downloads in number.

Well instead of being evasive, let’s begin the voyage…

What is the targeted app? Well not to confuse you any further, a targeted app, simply speaks of the mobile app, which is designed and developed in accordance with the users’ choice.

A mobile app which gets developed as per the choice of users really cross the boundary of success, since there is not a single element attached to it, which can make the app get disliked by the user by any corner.

  • Helps to get more downloads

The very common aspect which makes the mobile app to get downloaded by the users is only through the interface which fits the requirement bill of your targeted audience.

An app which is exactly a copy of your users’ demands and requirements, is only possible when the app is developed with a throughout research conducted at every possible level to make the mobile app work for the users.

There is no surprise that it leads to better and stronger chain of app downloads, which would only grow stronger with the tie.

  • Helps to achieve better reviews

It’s a human nature we buy something after reading the reviews and the feedback for a particular product and services, and one wrong feedback or review is enough to make us go a step closer to the competitors of that particular services.

To combat this issue, you can simply follow a strategy which states to get an app and every inch integrated into it to be in accordance with the users’ choice and which in return would give you the benefit of getting the best possible reviews and feedback from the selected user base.

  • Helps your app to succeed

Your app’s success largely depends on the users’ choice and the selection for your mobile app. A mobile app which is hugely downloaded and utilized by the users is considered successful and a successful mobile app is only the result of the resource and the analysis conducted to make the mobile app exactly like a users’ preference.

  • Helps to create stronger consumer-to-brand Relationship

We all know that users’ expectations are changing with time and the much available options in the market, make the survival of every existing business a little tough. In such situation, you need to give something extra to your user base so they can feel relaxed and attached to.

When you develop an app based on the market research, you know very well that which aspect would make your user happy and delighted, and in according to it, you would add the monetary rewards, coupons, discounts or even gamification-based recognition in your mobile app.

By doing this, you would develop a bond between your consumer and your app and your app would certainly jump to the users’ favorite list.

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