What people should know about Kinobody


Kinobody is a series of unisex fitness routines promising its users a dreamy physique. According to its founder Gregory O’Gallagher, users and followers of Kinobody will eventually start looking like batman. Hence, we will explore how Kinobody is helpful for people.

The vast majority of information available were vague mentions of a Hollywood physique. References in pop culture are good but researchers were concerned about a lack of specifics. Recommending a fitness routine like Kinobody is not possible due to lack of scientific evidence and how it works. Here are some facts we have gathered.

A Kinobody works out – what is it?

The kinobody workout is a series of fitness programs designed and created by 24-year-old Gregory O’Gallagher. A quick search on YouTUbe brought us to a video titled ‘The Real Bruce Wayne’ introduced us to him and went on to talk about his daily routine using Kinobody strategies.

There are three major programs for men and one for women who are as under:

  • Stage one: The Warrior Physique.
  • Stage two: Greek God Physique.
  • Stage three: Superhero Physique.

The program for ladies is known as Goddess toning program.

These programs are designed to take the users step by step through a process of slimming down, building and sculpting the muscles and in the end adding more muscle. The concept is not to bulk and buff up like the Incredible Hulk but to tone and sculpt the body look more like either Captain America or Thor, basically a Kinobody Greek God.

According to the founder, these programs are about aesthetics, and by aesthetics, he does not refer to the puffy, round and curvy physique bodybuilders have. He is rather talking about a hard, dense and angular physique with thick, broad shoulders and upper back muscles, masculine square chest with rock-solid arms, a taut waist and athletic muscular legs.

It also appears that the Kinobody website has at least six different landing pages. All of these pages somehow display the same information, so it is not clear why such redundancy is necessary. Kinobody’s official website provides a lot of information on how to buy the program but the only information provided about the program’s substance indicates how Kinobody relies on a workout technique known as rest-pause training.

Marketing tactics of Kinobody

Regarding marketing tactics, Kinobody seems to be selling male sex appeal most of the time. It has also been targeting female sex appeal with programs like the Kinobooty program, but the landing pages at Kinobody’s website are full of endless images of fit young men taking selfies in the mirror.

Kinobody sells an overall philosophy of fitness and well-being. In addition to the main Kinobody program, which focuses on mostly three workout periods in a week, there are seemingly endless variations of this program. Customers are often given the opportunity to try each and every workout regiment of Kinobody they can.

In close tandem with these fitness programs, Kinobody also sells various supplements and accessories. In business terms, having many products and services bundled together under a single brand provides multiple revenue streams and each revenue stream is designed to entice to try every other revenue stream that is part of the brand.

Since the Kinobody workout consists mostly of dumbbell workouts and fasting, the company does not really provide anything new, innovative groundbreaking in the world of fitness, especially the at-home fitness.

Kinobody, however, does contribute a feeling of belonging in an all-round fitness regiment offering many ways to feel fit and in control.

NEAT – A part of Kinobody

Nonexercise activity thermogenesis is NEAT, a complex scientific term for the energy that humans expend when they are neither eating nor sleeping. It is not the same as the kind of energy that is expended during exercise. Needless to say, the body requires energy for a lot of things.

If anyone wishes to be successful with Kinobody, it is important to understand that regardless of calories spent by people daily In the form NEAT (Nonexercise activity thermogenesis) energy. With the Kinobody method focusing on maintaining a neutral energy balance, if people spend too much NEAT non-exercise activity-based energy of thermogenesis, they need to eat more to make up for the calorie deficit.