Why Should You Consider Barista As A Career Option?

barista crash course

Being a barista means to be someone who makes and serves coffee and coffee drinks professionally. Once you start to learn about beans, roast and prepare great coffee, you want to know more and more about it. And you have yourself a new hobby in the form of a job!

barista crash course comes from the Italian language. It means a lad or lady “bartender” who typically works behind a counter, serving hot drinks, coffee drinks, cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks.

A barista is often trained to prepare the coffee based on the shop or cafe owner’s regulations. To make a perfect cup of coffee, there is a series of steps that require attention, including grinding the beans, extracting the coffee, frothing the milk and pouring. Beyond the preparation of espresso and any other beverage and general customer service, experienced baristas acquire knowledge of the entire coffee process to effectively prepare a desired cup of coffee, including maintenance and operation of the machine, grinding, roasting, and coffee plant cultivation. A barista can acquire these skills by attending training classes. They have skills they enjoy practising, and there are many good reasons you can consider Barista as a career option:

  1. You never get tired

There is nothing like that strong, pure smell of real coffee beans. Grind them! Make a perfect cup of coffee. When you work as a barista, you get to smell that all day, everyday! If you ever feel slightly sleepy while working, don’t fear, there’s always great, free coffee freshly made by yourself for yourself. It’s heaven.

  1. Hireable anywhere

When you have any skill, you can use them anywhere required and earn a good amount of money. Coffee is the second-largest commodity globally, making it a stable industry with continuous job opportunities. Many of us live in a city full of Starbucks and CCDs, so it’s no surprise that making and selling caffeinated drinks is a big business. Brewing a tasty coffee and designing a latte art are valuable and impressive skills since we live in a significant coffee drinking culture. Therefore, whether you get hired and trained as a corporate barista, you’ll be able to find a job almost in any city you move to. If you work in an independent coffee shop, you can start to experiment with your coffee concoctions. Mix different kinds of milk with various syrups and name it after yourself. There aren’t many jobs that let you do that!

  1. Transferable Experiences

Professionally trained baristas are in high demand these days, especially in densely populated major cities. However, if you are not interested in having a career in the coffee world, you’ll still be able to use your entry-level cafe position as a means to build up your resume. Working in food retail will give you sales and customer service experience. Also, you can train newbies professionally and can earn a lot through those training sessions.

  1. Flexible schedule and a good amount of money-making

The best part about being a barista is having a more accommodating schedule than a typical administrative job. While many cafe managers will ask for a full day availability initially, it’s possible to carve out your own personal part-time or full-time workweek after a few months. You may have to work early mornings and some weekends, but it’s not difficult to request off days for vacation time or switch shifts with co-workers. And guess what? You’ll not face any loss and can still get good wages. If you’re able to create a schedule that caters to your life outside of the coffee shop, you’ll have time to dedicate to your creative projects, while continuing to search for work at a different place.

  1. Lots of perks including free coffee

Not only will you get to drink it for free, but a majority of cafes also let their workers take home free beans. Coffee’s shelf life is arguable, but many coffee shops will pull their retail bags off the shelves after a few weeks, to consistently offer freshly roasted beans. Being a barista has the potential to be a fun way to support yourself. Talking about perks, there are so many of them. Unlike a tedious office job where you have to follow a strict dress code where tattoos and piercings are strictly prohibited, individuality is usually encouraged to express yourself in a coffee shop. 

There are perks to every job, but there’s a lot more at being a barista! Take a Barista Crash course and start your journey!