What is Eye Care Technology- Why We Need Eye Care Monitor?

Eye Care Technology

We spend most of our time staring at a computer screen or our smartphone screen. This exposes our eyes to the health risk of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). However, with improvement in technology, most of the monitors are made with eye care tech to protect your eye.

Eye Care Technology

Eye Care tech is an improvement in screen and it’s made to prevent CVS-symptoms which is caused by lengthy computer use. With eye care tech, monitors will offer you a comfortable watching experience as it maintains the health status of your eye. Some of the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome include headache, red eyes, burning eyes, fatigue, and eye strain.

Reasons Why you need to buy an eye-care monitor


Flicker is created by the quick on and off cycle of LED backlight for it to maintain display brightness. The Flicker is noticeable when the display setting is low brightness. Flicker continuously hits the human-eye with a drastic adjustment in brightness. This variation in light intensity makes the pupil contract and expand. When this happens it causes eye fatigue, headache, and eye strain.

Blue light Technology

High-power blue-violet light in a narrow 415 to 455nm band damages the lens & retina of the eyes. Furthermore, a blue band of light spectrum produces more power & can pass direct via your eye. This results in myopia & macular degeneration. Moreover, the blue light emitted from monitors may create eye damage, headaches, eye strains, & sleep disorders.

Additionally, kids are more vulnerable to eye damage the reason being their crystalline-lens is less efficient when filtering the blue-light. This increases the danger of age-related macular degeneration.

Anti-glare Panels

Glossy and smooth surfaces will reflect light-back directly & create unwanted reflections & glare. These reflections cause annoyance & distractions. Moreover, it can be the cause of eye fatigue and strain. Anti-Glare monitors use a rough-matte surface that dissipates reflected-light. This makes it simpler for everyone to have a view of what is onscreen & reduces eye fatigue.

Adjustable Monitor

Monitors that can be adjusted for about 110mm from the base will allow users to have excellent viewing angles. This ensures that you will work comfortably. It’s also good to consider monitors that can tilt, swivel, and pivot. Unsuitable posture leads to numbness in one’s fingers, lower back, headaches, neck pains, and shoulder.

Brightness Intelligence + Tech

Brightness Intelligence + Tech auto varies the display-brightness depending on the surroundings. Ambient light-sensor in B.I.+ Tech senses the surrounding brightness and varies the color temperatures. With this, you will have a comfortable viewing experience despite the place you are viewing your screen from.


Eyes are an important part of our bodies like any other. Improvement in technology poses a great risk to our eye which may force one to use more cash on treating them. Some monitors have incorporated eye care technology hence you should consider buying one for yourself.