Why SEO Experts Recommends Sitemap?

XML sitemaps

Sitemap is a XML file, that is the base of any website. Sitemap contains all the information about our website. Sitemap also play a very unique role in the SEO technology. A sitemap is a list of our blog or website that tells any search engine how many pages are there on this website or blog and what all the content in those pages is, if we say it in easy language, the sitemap will be available on your website is the list of all pages. Sitemap contains all our URL information, sitemap helps Google to crawling and indexing our blog’s or the website and does ensure that our website is related from which topic like technology information, tech revies, education or etc.

When doing search engine optimization, we submit the sitemap of our website to search engines. By doing this will improve the website’s organic ranking that means organic traffic. Sitemap tells to the search engine’s crawler that is also called its bots, that there is such content on this website, then crawler comes to your website or blog, and reads all the types of data on your website, to which the search engine Find out what’s on this website.

The XML Sitemap is the simplest way to tell the search engines about the website. And when a user searches for that type of content, then he shows the data read from the same sitemap as the result of the search engine and when our pages also appear in the search results of that search engine then the user will click on it By doing so, it visits our website but for that you have to submit your sitemap in webmaster tools.

Creating a site map does not mean that the site will join the pages search. Yes, it helps the search crawler to better understand your site. A sitemap is very important for any website or blog because without its any search engine  organic traffic cannot come on your website, as the sitemap tells about your website or blog when your website is updated. And what has changed in it through which search engine crawler crawls your website and tells us about the available content on your website.

There are many steps to follow on on-page SEO step by step. Sitemaps are also one of those steps.

How to find the sitemap of any website

If you have to see a sitemap on any website or blog, then you have to search after the URL of that website sitemap.xml after which you get all the information about the sitemap of that website. This is the simplest way for find the sitemap file of any blog.

Learn Here ‘How to create sitemap file’

Let’s see that how can we create the sitemap of our website for submitting to the Google search Consule. So that Google bots can be crawl our website and it will be appear in the Google search result. Well, there are many ways to generate a sitemap but the two are going to say about the most popular which is used to create a sitemap for the blogger and WordPress. Both the way are very easy for understanding.

XML sitemaps

How to create sitemap for WordPress website

If your website or your blog is created with WordPress then you can read here that how to create sitemap with wordpress. As we know that for WordPress’s website, we do any work with any plugin very easily, just like WordPress is a plugin named Yoast SEO, through which we can also generate a sitemap of our website, in addition to the very intent on the website it is a website that creates a sitemap for any website. To find sitemap generator tools in google, a lot of website list is received through which Also, we can generate the sitemap of our website.

How to create sitemap for Blogger or blogspot website

If your website or your blog is created with blogspot then, One thing I tell you is that the sitemap is automatically generated from the blogger’s website, if you want to follow the steps mentioned above, however, if you want me to generate my sitemap and submit it to my webmaster tools then sitemap generator tools can also be used.

We hope that you have got the information on how the sitemap is created and how it is generated, and if there is any question or suggestion about it then you can comment that we will be glad to assist you.