Various Types of Fitness Exercises to Keep the Body Fit

Body Fit

Have you ever gone to an urban Indian city? Then, on the main road, you will find lots of hospitals and diagnostic centers for treatment and analysis of various diseases. Which brings you the thought, is there so many diseases in the world today, and are all the Indian population not in the best of health? Frankly, to say, there has been a major decline in the health of Indians for the past two decades or so. The main reason, target related jobs, and pollution. But yes, there are some who go to extreme measures to stay fit and healthy. Remaining fit and healthy is not an uphill task. In this article, we focus on the types of fitness exercises to keep the body fit and healthy.



Do you feel running in the park or walking fast has become a boring activity? Then go to a dance. It is one of the best types of fitness exercises to keep the body fit. Yes, it is fun when you dance in a group. It will make every cell of your body look young. Please note, that there are various types of dance forms such as belly dance or break dance. If you are interested in the traditional, go for Bharatnatyam or Odissi.

  1. Yoga


It was in the 1970s, that yoga achieved worldwide fame. There are famous exponents of yoga such as BKS Iyengar. The yoga asanas, improve the flexibility of every body part. And it indirectly calms the mind. If you practice a daily bout of yoga for at least thirty minutes, then you can lead a peaceful and energetic life. You can include yoga as one of the types of fitness exercises to keep the body fit.

  1. Aerobic


This is one type of fitness exercises to keep the body fit and preferred by most in the younger generation. In fact, every health club will have aerobic exercises. It increases the strength of the body and makes you live longer and healthy. Do you know aerobic exercise is taken from various types of dance forms such as ballet, jazz and even running? This exercise, you can take part, if you are in the ages of 20 to 45.

  1. Walking


The best exercise for senior persons. It is a low impact exercise, mainly meant for persons who are suffering from mobility problems. Are you one among the senior persons? For these people, walking can help lower their blood pressure and maintain the blood flow in a proper fashion. Yes, it also gives flexibility to the body and reduces stress.

  1. Jogging


For a middle age person in the range of 40 to 45, jogging is a good exercise. It increases the cardiovascular fitness of the body. The entire exercise activity can make you get into shape, enhance the energy levels and does not allow the body to put on weight.

  1. Skipping


When you were a kid, you just skipped, skipped and skipped. When you jump, the calories get burnt faster than exercising in a machine or equipment. It is the best form of fitness to achieve cardiovascular health. If you were fat, by skipping, you would have got into shape. One of the best fitness exercises to keep the body fit especially for children in the age of 8 to 12 years.

  1. Cycling


If there is one exercise other than jogging and running which can increase your stamina, it is cycling. Of course, you can cycle to your office to keep the environment green. Yes, you can also see new shops and roads missed while traveling in the car.

  1. Swimming


According to experts, swimming is the best form of fitness exercise to keep the body fit. The reason, your body moves in the water. It gives the best muscle workout for every age. The only factor is that you need swimming. You need to learn with patience the various types of swimming. Example – freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke.


There are still many types of fitness exercises to keep the body fit such as martial arts and trekking. But do you get time to practice any sort of exercises? If you are a working professional, it is very hard to get time for workouts. And to go to the gym. Hey, wait. If you want to remain fit and can work from home, why don’t you hire a personal trainer? We will explain by an example. You are in Bangalore and is working in a software company. You get time to exercise but cannot go to the gym because of lack of motivation. You are interested in hiring a personal gym trainer. Now, the best way to hire one is via the home improvement companies in Bangalore which have reputed physical trainers in their payrolls. You can schedule a meeting, check if he can match the requirements and start the exercise to be fit. Cheers and all the best!