What is Data Annotation and What are the Types of Annotation Services?


Making the data understandable to machines by labelling using certain techniques like outlining or shading the text or objects images is basically known as data annotation. The data can be anything from simple text to images or videos and audios available in various formats.

The main motive of data annotation is highlighting the important words, texts or objects using the annotation techniques to make it recognizable to machines or computer vision used for machine learning or artificial intelligence model developments.


Types of Data Annotation

There are different types of data annotation services offered by companies providing machine learning and AI training data. Text Annotation, Image Annotation, Audio Annotation, Video Annotation are the leading types of annotation services you can find in the market. And under each types, there are certain annotation techniques like image annotation bounding boxes, cuboid, semantic, polygons and point or polylines are the popular annotation methods.

Data Annotation for AI and Machine Learning

Apart from a few human-oriented needs, most of the annotation is done for machine learning and AI data training. Data annotation techniques help the machines to recognize the actual dimension, shape, size and types of content available on the web-based services. Each data has its own format and most of them are understandable to humans but to make such data comprehensible to machines a precise data annotation services is required.

How to Get Annotated Data for Machine Learning or AI?

Developing machine learning or AI models not only required special skills or knowledge but having high-quality training data is also important to make such models functional and give accurate results. Getting the quality training data with the right annotation and labelling is difficult, especially if you are looking for free data annotation service.

Cogito is one of the well-known companies offers high-quality machine learning training data with proper annotation and data labelling. It is an expert in image annotation and data labelling service for various industries like healthcare, automobiles, retail, agriculture, e-commerce, banking finance and information technology fields with well-diversified clients portfolio.

Machine learning engineer looking for highly accurate annotated data can find the best annotation service with Cogito where quality is kept on high priority while ensuring the cost and timely delivery of projects. And to meet the quick and turnaround needs of clients it is also offering live annotation service that can annotate any kind of data within prescribed timeline and scope of the customers to make the data annotation accessible and affordable to everyone.