How to use a Straight Razor

Straight Razor

Choosing the right straight razor for your skin is one of the most important factors of shaving. After the selection of a good and right straight razor, you must have to follow some steps for shaving your skin using that best straight razor. If you are shaving your skin first time so then there is advice for you that you must have to choose that one of best straight razor for beginners.

For having a close smooth and save shave there are some important steps you must have to follow.

Wash your face

Before using a straight razor on your face for a shave you must have to hydrate your face with hot water first. The purpose of hydrating your face with hot water is to make your beard soft for a smooth shave.

There are two ways for hydrating your face the first one is to take a shower of warm water for a few minutes and the second way is to wrap the towel on your face soaked with hot water.

The benefit of hydrating your face is that you will have a soft, clean and closer shave.

Use a good quality brush

You can also work the soap or cream into your whiskers with your fingers but the best and easy option for you is a brush. A good quality brush is made up of badger hair. Soak your brush in the mug having hot water for making you brush soft for having a smooth shave.

Use a pre-shave oil

Good quality pre-shave oil can make your shave easy and smooth. Use the pre-shave oil made up of oils such as coconut and olive. As these oils help to make your beard soft and don’t let your razor to be stopped.

Make thick lather

Place shaving cream or soap with water in a mug. As shaving cream is the best option because the soap is made of a high fat, vegetable oil and glycerin mixture. Now stir the soap or cream with water using the brush as long you stir the lather will become thicker.

Make a grip on the razor handle

The most important factor for shaving is to make the grip of your hand on the handle of the straight razor. Follow some steps for having a grip on the handle. Place your thumb under the blade on the shank and then place your index, ring and middle fingers on the opposite side of the shank. Place the pinky on the tang, a small piece of metal on the outside of the handle. This is a basic grip and provides comfort and directional control.

Hold the blade at the correct angle to your skin

Holding the blade at the right angle is very important to have a safe close and smooth shave, and to save your skin from the cuts.

So the advice for the angle of holding the razor to your skin is to hold the razor at 30° to your skin. The handle of the razor will be near to your nose. Turn it slightly so the sharp part of the blade points downward at your skin.

Stretch skin properly for a close shave

After adjusting the angle of the razor to your skin now stretch your skin with your other hand so your skin will become smooth and you can easily shave your skin then.

Apply this method to every area of your face you want to shave it provides you with an easy, smooth and close shave and also reduce the chances of cuts on your face. Now as hair grows downwards so move downwards to your jaw and chin. Stroke the razor gently in one controlled direction.

Rinse off the blade after every stroke. Carefully done this process because sometimes experts also get confused and make mistakes. If you will cut yourself so there is no need of getting panic just press the skin together for a few minutes for stopping the bleeding.