What Happened to T.D Jakes Son Jermaine Jakes?

Jermaine Jakes

To begin with, Jermaine Jakes is the son of T.D Jakes. Further, the Jakes family is famous in the United States of America. Also, T.D Jakes is a famous pastor in America. He is also famous for being an author and filmmaker. 

Read through the article to know more about T.D Jakes. The article will also include information on Jermaine Jakes.

Jermaine Jakes Wikipedia- Age, Height, Nationality

Personal Info ✔
✔ Name Jermaine Jakes
✔ Profession(s)
Author, and filmmaker
✔ Birthday 04 Jan, 1980
✔ Age 41 Years (As of 2021)
✔ Gender Male
✔ Birthplace USA
✔ Nationality American
✔ Famous as T.D. Jakes Son
✔ Height 5′ 5″ (1.65 cm)
✔ Zodiac Sign Capricorn
✔ Net Worth $1.5 Million USD (As of 2021)
Family (Children & Siblings) ✔
✔ Siblings Jamar Jakes, Thomas Jakes, Jr., Sarah Jakes Roberts, Cora Jakes Coleman
✔ Partners T. D. Jakes, Serita Jakes
Relationships & Kids ✔
✔ Marital Status Married
✔ Husband Unknown

Introduction to T.D Jakes 

In the first place, T.D Jakes birth took place in the year 1957. Further, his full date of birth is June 9, 1957. As per his date of birth, Jakes is currently sixty-three years old. Also, T.D Jakes birth took place in the United States of America. Even more, his birth took place at South Charleston in West Virginia. 

Coming to his profession, Jakes is a pastor and a filmmaker. He began his career as a pastor at the age of twenty-five years. Jakes was the pastor of Greater Emanuel Temple of Faith in West Virginia. Later on, in the year 1996, he found his church. The name of the church is The Potter House. Also, the church is located in Dallas, America. 

In addition to being a pastor, Jakes is also a filmmaker. In 1995, he founded “TDJ Enterprise” in America. The company is a publishing and production company. Over the years, the company has produced various films of Jakes. Lastly, TDJ Enterprises also publishes books written by T.D Jakes. 

Who is Jermaine Jakes? 

As stated earlier in the article, Jermaine Jakes is the son of T.D Jakes. He came to the limelight for being the son of the Pastor. Also, the arrest of Jermaine was in the year 2009. However, apart from this, there is no other information about Jermaine. 

When and where was Jermaine Jakes born? 

In the first place, the birth of Jermaine took place in the year 1980. Further, his full date of birth is January 4, 1980. As per his date of birth, Jermaine is currently forty-one years old. Also, the birth of Jermaine took place in America.

Furthermore, Jermaine comes from a big and famous family in America. He grew up with four siblings. In other words, Jermaine has two brothers and two sisters. The names of the Jermaine brothers are Thomas and Jamar Jakes. Also, the names of Jermaine sister are Sarah and Cora Jakes. 

In addition to four siblings, Jermaine Jakes family consists of nieces and nephews. Further, Jermaine has four nieces and four nephews. Lastly, he has an uncle named Ernest Jakes. Overall, the Jakes family is big and beautiful. 

Who is the mother of Jermaine? 

Similar to Jermaine Jakes father, his mother is also famous in America. In other words, Jermaine is the son of T.D Jakes and Serita Jakes. Serita Jakes is a beautiful woman and a mother to five children. In addition to this, Serita is an outstanding writer. Also, Jermaine mother is an amazing orator and visionary. She also serves at the potter house along with her husband. 

Furthermore, Serita published her first book in the year 1999. The name of the book is – The princess within. Lastly, Serita Jakes is a devoted mother and loves all her children equally. 

When did Serita and T.D Jakes marriage take place? 

In the first place, Serita and T.D Jakes marriage took place in the year 1982. Further, their full wedding date is May 29, 1982. As per their wedding date, the couple is together for nearly three decades. The wedding ceremony of the couple was a private one. It took place in the presences of close family and friends. Even more, the couple met each other at a church in Charleston. Over the years, the couple has given birth to five beautiful children. 

Furthermore, the couple has three sons and two beautiful daughters. Also, Jermaine Jakes is one son of the couple. He was in the media for all wrong reasons. However, with the help of Jakes family, Jermaine is getting back to a good life. 

Why was Jermaine arrested? 

The arrest of Jermaine was sensation news in America. Being the son of a pastor, Jermaine arrest was widely covered in the media. Further, the arrest of Jermaine was in the year 2009. His arrest took place in a park in Dallas, America. Furthermore, the reason for Jermaine Jakes arrest was a lewd act. In the year 2009, Jermaine exposed himself in front of a cop. 

Furthermore, he jerked himself while making eye contact with the cop. Hence, he was arrested for indecent exposure by the Dallas police department. However, Jermaine was not punished for his actions. Soon, Jermaine got out of the prison. The reason for Jermaine release was a personal recognizance bond. 

What happened to Jermaine after the arrest? 

After the release of Jermaine, he had a tough time settling in. But with the help of Jermaine Jakes family, he is back on his feet. Furthermore, Jermaine maintained a low profile after his arrest. In other words, Jermaine is maintaining a low profile. 

Furthermore, he is much stable and understanding these days. Overall, Jermaine is getting his life back together. Also, he is leading a simple and happy life in America. 

What is the net worth of Jermaine Jakes parents? 

In the first place, there is no professional information about Jermaine Jakes. Further, he may or may not be working currently. However, he is leading a good life in America. The main reason for his lavish lifestyle is his father Jakes income. The net worth estimation of T.D Jakes is twenty million dollars. He makes his income from filmmaking and writing. 

Bottom Line: 

To sum it up, Jermaine Jakes is the son of T.D Jakes and Serita Jakes in America. Further, his father, T.D. Jakes is a pastor and a filmmaker. However, Jermaine hit the media for being arrested. His arrest took place in the year 2009. The reason for Jermaine arrest was exposing him in a public place. However, Jermaine was released for personal recognizance. At present Jermaine Jakes is leading a low-profile life in America.

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