Walk Through the Guide on E-Scooter App Development

E-Scooter App Development

This era saw countless advancements when it comes to technology and innovation. The world is changing into a better and convenient place to live only because of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, etc. 

You must have come across mobile apps like taxi booking, medicine delivery, and more, which have cut down even the slightest inconvenience. Similarly, the e-scooter mobile application is trending worldwide because of its healthier and affordable means of commuting. It is an electronic scooter which can be rented. 

Evidently, the idea is impressive because of the healthier lifestyle it’ll be offering and the elimination of expenses. Therefore, if your region or country hasn’t taken the initiative like this, you can be the first one to introduce the same by reaching out to a mobile app development company

How to get started?

To know more about developing an e-scooter sharing application, keep reading! 

About E-Scooter App Development Sharing 

The recent few years have seen an evolution in sharing mobility. An e-scooter sharing experience can be compared to conventional car and bike sharing, just at a lower cost and suitable for short trips. 

Did you know?

The estimated market size of e-scooter services is likely to pass billion dollars by the end of the year 2025. 

Benefits of Using Shared E-Scooter Application 

Apart from the struggle of finding a parking spot for the shared e-scooter, it has numerous benefits to offer:

1. Hassle-Free Availability 

Once the service is started in a region, people won’t have to worry about not finding transport to commute. It is because e-scooters can be acquired anywhere, anyplace. 

2. Less Expensive 

Unlike expensive fuels used for cars or bikes, e-scooters contain batteries that have to be recharged from time to time. Therefore, using such a facility can save you from burning a hole in your pocket. 

3. Highly Sustainable 

E-scooters do not use electricity or produce smoke, protecting the climate to a great extent. Therefore, they are highly sustainable. 

4. Time-Efficient 

Undoubtedly, renting e-scooters can save an ample amount of time compared to cars as they can get stuck in traffic jams. 

5. Parking Perks

Whenever you commute via car, it can be challenging to find the right parking spot that is an approved place and near your visiting area. Fortunately, it’s exceptionally easy to find a place for e-scooters as they can be parked in even the tiniest area available for parking. 

Must-Have Features of an E-Scooter Sharing App

Here are a few features the app must have and are advised not to skip incorporating the same:

1. Locking and Unlocking 

The e-scooter app must-have features that would spontaneously lock or unlock the hired scooter. The mechanism must be consistent; only then will a customer trust your business due to the security you offer. In simple words, it’ll win the confidence of your customers. 

2. Search Option

People willing to rent an e-scooter must be able to search the nearby locations from where they can pick up the scooter for commuting. 

3. Safe Pause and End Ride 

As mentioned above, the e-scooter runs on batteries, and it is not a rule that the users will have to complete the trip in one go. Another thing, errands are likely to occur on the way. Therefore, users must have an option to pause the ride. Also, it is essential to incorporate a GPS feature for real-time monitoring. 

4. Registration Using QR Code 

Upon downloading the app, users must be able to view a QR code, which they can scan to rent a scooter upon scanning. 

5. Easy Payment Option

Undoubtedly, there’s not an appointed person to collect hiring rent from the people. Therefore, the app must consist of digital modes of payment that users can use to pay. Additionally, the mechanism of online transactions must be secure for the users. 

Monetization Strategies for an E-Scooter Sharing App

While you invest in the e-scooter application development, you must also pay attention to the monetization strategies for revenue. Here are a few methods, so take a look:

1. Offer Discounts to Loyal Customers 

Customers repetitively using the service must be offered discounts by issuing them promo codes. These promo codes will cut down the user’s rental fare whenever provided. 

2. Advertise or Promote 

You can initiate targeted ads via your mobile app, which can monetize your e-scooter sharing app. You can promote numerous businesses like nearby restaurants, café’s, shops, etc. 

3. Sell Membership

You can offer weekly, monthly, or yearly passes to your regular customers for free service. 

Cost of an E-Scooter Sharing App Development 

Estimation of the total cost to develop an e-scooter sharing app isn’t as easy as it sounds. Undoubtedly, there are countless factors that need to be considered for cost estimation. Therefore, to make it easier for you, mentioned below are a few factors: 

  • Choice of platform
  • Tech stack
  • Number of features integrated
  • Developer’s cost
  • Complexity of the project

To Sum Up 

E-scooter apps are gaining emphasis, and there are already a number of similar applications in the market. However, not every app is booming, which is why you must fit the missing piece of the puzzle. Research or study the missing features of the existing apps and work on the same, which will get your app more attention. 

If you have an excellent e-scooter app development idea in your mind, talk to the experts by reaching out to a mobile app development company.

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