7 Ways to Use Smart Packaging For Food Products

Smart Packaging For Food Products

Smart Packaging is a trend that is here to stay in food and other consumables markets. The wide availability of imaging devices with internet connections, such as smartphones, makes smart flexible packaging a useful way to introduce consumers to your brand, provide additional product information or track products through supply chains. Find out more about what smart packaging is along with seven ways to implement interactive features.

What Is Smart Flexible Packaging?

Smart packaging is designed to initiate an interactive experience. This feature may be intended for use by distributors, retailers or end customers. Flexible materials, such as Mylar packaging, are popular choices for smart product packaging. 

Creative Ways To Personalize Your Smart Packaging

Brands can use smart packaging to stimulate consumer interest and deliver relevant content. A QR code on food packaging might lead to a landing page on a brand website with recipes that use the product in the Smart Packaging For Food Products. The most creative uses of QR codes serve as gateways to branded content or experiences.

Use Smart Packaging To Educate Consumers

Food producers can use QR codes to provide customers with information about sourcing, production or the identity and values of a brand. Effective smart packaging could draw consumers’ attention to relevant information on Fair Trade sourcing or indicate best practices for product usage or packaging disposal. 

Build Your Brand With Smart Packaging

Smart packaging can help to convert new buyers into repeat customers. Digitally printed customized stand up pouches can display brand names and logos along with product names and images to the best advantage. Brands can build a unified look and feel that extends from physical products to online content. 

Track Supply Chains With Smart Packaging

One of the most practical ways to use QR codes is to track the amount of time or distance that passes between the production floor and interaction by licensed retailers or end consumers. Serialized QR codes can also be used to verify the authenticity of products.

Use Smart Packaging To Reward Repeat Customers

Customers can scan serialized QR codes to create unique entries in a loyalty or rewards account. Unique codes make it possible to track the quantity and types of food products a customer purchases for promotional and market research purposes.

Ways To Use Smart Packaging for Marketing

Smart packaging gives packaged food brands the ability to provide customers with a multi-sensory experience that reaches beyond interaction with packaging and experiencing the aroma and flavor of food. A website can promote a food brand and product by displaying text, images and videos. 

Promote Responsible Disposal Through Smart Packaging

It is also possible to use smart packaging to provide disposal instructions to consumers. Brands committed to sustainability can link QR codes to guidance on in-store drop off or mail-in recycling methods or HDPE mixed material streams.

Smart Packaging For Food Products can benefit from having smart packaging designed by a service that uses digital printing and Connected Packaging software. These methods can render easily readable QR codes on flexible packaging, including serialized codes used to track unique items and verify product authenticity.

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