How Does a Freezer Work?

Freezer Work

Useful in a cupboard or in a safe , the freezer is an essential household appliance . Understanding your device is therefore an important task in order to better understand its characteristics and uses . Here is our guide to understanding how your freezer works. A freezer is a very vital item in a house or anywhere you need to store food. It is not only perfect for storing and preserving foods but also for making ice and cooling water and other beverages. If you freeze has stopped working or is not working well, you can search for Freezer Repair near ME to find the best repair deals.

The freezer mechanism

Like the refrigerator, the popular idea is that the freezer “produces cold” , but, like its colleague, this appliance will absorb heat from food to evacuate it outside.

The mechanism is therefore almost identical and will take the form of a circuit starting with a fluid called refrigerant which will pass through a cooling circuit, called the evaporator , allowing, thanks to the evaporation, to pass to the gaseous state . This gas obtained will then go towards the compressor which will, as its name suggests, compress the gas in order to increase the temperature.

It will then pass through a condenser , a long coil found outside the freezer, to return to the liquid state and therefore evacuate the heat absorbed to the outside during its circuit .

The end of the journey takes place with the regulator. Unlike the compressor which will increase the temperature, this part will expand the liquid in order to cool it drastically , making it possible to create a negative temperature in the freezer cavity.

Other parts will also ensure the proper functioning of the device such as the thermostat which will regulate the temperature to be reached, the compressor motor allowing it to start or a resistance which will prevent the evaporator from getting caught. ice , blocking the cooling circuit.

The different types of Cooling 

If the circuit is more or less the same from one freezer to another, there are still different categories that are presented as the type of cold:

Static cold: The most common on the market, this type of freezer will use the cooling circuit seen previously. The hot air will rise while the cold will stagnate at the bottom . The temperature will therefore not be the same depending on the floor of your appliance and you should therefore be careful about the distribution of food.

Cold mixing: These models have a fan allowing the temperature to be homogenized by mixing the air, partially preventing the formation of frost.

Ventilated cold: Efficient and economical, ventilated cold is the type of cold found on high-end appliances such as upright freezers or American refrigerators . The temperature remains constant because the air is completely evacuated and it guarantees a frost-free wall thanks to its ”  No Frost ” system  . It therefore allows energy savings.

Some devices have combined refrigerator and freezer also mix types of cold (eg cold brewed refrigerator and static cold bottom freezer).