Walk Through – A Guide To Start An Online Educational Business In 2021

Online Educational Business

The mobile application has now eliminated the need to travel distances for buying goods. Not only shopping but other industries like education, healthcare, etc., have started adopting the online approach, offering convenience to the users. 

Notably, the UAE’s education sector has benefitted the most. 


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As we all know, the education sector ranks 17th worldwide, which also means that the size of the education sector is likely to grow in the coming years. Thus, a large number of students means a massive demand for teaching- which is happening online nowadays! 

Therefore, keeping in mind the rapid increase of the growing market, it is just the perfect opportunity to step into the online educational business in UAE. The country has a supportive work environment and a 0% tax rate. 

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If you’re giving this idea a thought, we can make it easier to clear your dilemma! This article highlights all the important information you need to know about starting an online educational business and online education app.

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Online Educational Business: Things You Should Know! 

You can set up your business in a total of 5 steps with the help of a company setup partner. 

Remember, any mistakes may lead to paying a heavy price or license delay. So, once you’ve hired an expert, get started with the steps mentioned below. 

1. Decide on a Business Sector

Before diving right in, you must research various education sub-sectors to decide what your company will do. 

Are you interested in writing lessons and learning plans?

Do you want to offer online lessons?

These are a few questions you must have answers to! Once you’ve decided with the same, you can move ahead with the next step. 

2. Name of the Company

While you’ve plenty of company name ideas at your desk, make sure they are not similar to any known organizations. Also, stick to the strict set of naming conventions. 

Once the name is decided, your company setup partner can get it registered with the authorities. 

3. What to opt for: Freezone or Mainland? 

For all those unfamiliar with the two terms: Freezone and Mainland, the former business must be operated from within the designated area. While the latter is a business that can be established anywhere around the UAE. 

4. Apply for the License 

Finally, it’s time to apply for a trade license. The application is made depending upon the type of business setup you choose. It is either applied to the local Department of Economic Development or Municipality. 

You’ll need to complete a few formalities and also apply for an Educational Service Permit in UAE. 

5. Visa Application 

Unless you hold a valid residency visa, you’ll have to apply for one. An advantage of having a UAE business license, you can also sponsor other’s visas, such as a spouse, kids, etc. 

Online Education App Development – The Next Step

Since you have now completed all the legal formalities, it’s time to set up an office. Developing a mobile application for learners to promote online education is an important step. Therefore, you’ll need the right team of experts to turn your vision into reality! 

If you’re wondering about the overall app development expenses; there’s no universal figure. Instead, it depends upon various factors as mentioned below:

  • Complexity of the project
  • Number of features integrated
  • Choice of platform
  • Tech stack used

Are You All Set to Start a Business in the UAE?

If you’re motivated by the idea of starting an online educational business in the UAE, it is easy to get started! However, you must have a lot of prior knowledge about the domain you’ll be working on. 

To help you develop a perfect mobile application, connect with the best mobile app development company in UAE, and half of your job will be already done! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start a new business and reap higher returns!

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