5 Reasons Why Big Data Analytics Is Important In Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Did you know that by the year 2021, smart phone users are expected to increase in number to 3.8 billion? Amazing isn’t it? Ever wondered how increasingly every smart phone user is becoming dependent on one or the other mobile application? What is that the mobile apps have to offer to its users that they are relying their day-to-day tasks on it?

As the numbers of smart phone users are being increased with every passing year, the application development companies are also coming up advanced and efficient apps to help users ease their day to day tasks. Since every other user rely on mobile apps to perform their tasks and operation, it has become essential for companies to work more rigorously in assisting those valuable users.

From allowing people to learn, play, live, exercise to helping them with improving their skills, there is an for every other thing you need. Be it approaching online assignment writing services UK by going through search engines or it is about connecting with your friends and family on social media forums, the efficient and extremely helpful app lets you connect with the world and ease your tasks in every possible way.

With increase in dependency on mobile phone applications, the apps would require huge amount of data to be handled, processed and utilized. Upon using big data analytics while mobile app development, the data cannot only be handled and managed effectively, it can be utilized for building up strategies and plans for better customer satisfaction and greater customer insights.  The gathered data can be extremely helpful for future planning and targeting customers in effective way which in turn will help in more profitability and increased customer attraction.

Here are 5 reasons why big data analytics has become crucial in mobile app development.

1. Real Time Customer Data

With the help using big data analytics, you will be able to capture customer’s data in real time. The real time data helps in gaining better customer insights the trends and customers preferences keeps on changing day by day.

Companies can improve customer service and sales conversions if they have real time data that vary with customer needs and requirements. There are a couple of apps on store that record real time activities of students and then by monitoring and tracking some statistics, they offer their features and services to the users. Customers will experience amazing options from the application and they get a personalized feeling while using it as their data is synchronized to give a real feel. The overall customer satisfaction rate is doubled when mobile app development companies use real time customer data to build app features and offer its valuable services to users.

2. Convenient To Create Software

By the help of studying customer’s data and heir critical behavior, it has become extremely convenient for the mobile app development companies to build and create customer centric application. The core functionalities of the application would be created to suits customer’s requirement. The app is created based on customer’s preference which in turn increase overall customer satisfaction rate.

Even the app developers will be informed about any major glitches in the app if they make the most of the big data analytics. The product and app features and be updated and amended to offer best customer service and more app usability among clients. Once the app creation process is completed and it is in the market, enormous amount of customer data like its usage, location, payment procedures, location etc. can be perfectly analyzed and processed by big data analytics. The software creation is significantly made easier and even the up-gradations are smoother and convenient.

3. More Sales Conversion

Big data allows app development companies to establish and launch  their product in multiple places and countries, rather  than being restricted to their own. You have to study the purchasing and usage trends of the target audience to increase your app visibility and hence the sales and conversions.

By using efficient and cost saving products for data transfer, companies can reduce latency and increase better sales in multiple locations. Once the company has accurate and efficient means to understand their target audience, there is no question about the fact that the companies acquire their targeted goals and become one of the successful app developers.

4. Efficient Marketing To Attract Target Audience

While the current and changing market trends are used to build app features and services, it also serves as great help for end-to-end marketing. By using smart marketing tools by big data, you can create effective list of desired audience which will help you approach right audience at right time. Since you have the user’s data with you, you are now aware of their likes and dislikes and preferences. Marketers can make the most of that data and effectively plan out their marketing strategies.

Predictive analysis tools allows companies to build up their future goals and long term plans which helps in boosting product popularity and greater profitability margins. The marketers who make use of big data analytics in their tasks can experience significantly positive results in their marketing operation and also gain fruitful results within no time.

5. Greater Productivity

Talking about the productivity of the app developers, big data can greatly help them increase their productivity since they have such efficient and customer centric technology with them. Upon using amazing features if the big data analytics, employees can be more proficient in their tasks and the overall app development phase become easy and successful.

With the above discussed 5 ways and many others big data analytics helps in mobile app development, the company and the users can experience fruitful results which are impossible to get otherwise. From helping you create a successful mobile app to letting the mobile app development companies increase their productivity, big data analytics is greatly transforming the way the app creation process is being done. From pre-launch to post-launch phase, big data helps in transforming pap development in every phase of the procedure.

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Kelly Brown, a marketing expert in a famous cellular company and also had a past experience of blogging with academic consultant. Her expertise and experience have been helpful for many emerging businesses as well as customers.