Use Cases of Biometric Verification

Use Cases of Biometric Verification

Verification of the person through their distinguishing biological factors like their face, fingerprints, or DNA is what biometric verification is. In biometric verification, a person’s registered information is screened against the new information provided to make sure that the identity of the person is not stolen. Online biometric verification has helped majorly in various industries to fight against cybercrimes and identify fraudsters. In this blog, we will be discussing how biometric can be used to eliminate identity theft.

How Does Biometric Authentication Works

Initially, biometric verification was used as a security measure taken by government organizations like the CIA, or FBI, etc. to verify the criminals and save the country from threats. Now with the vast amount of cybercrime, biometric security systems have been adopted by many business organizations.

Here are a number of ways biometric verification can be used:

●     Controlling the door locked

The doors can have an automated lock system that opens only to people who have verified their identity to the system. You can have a thumb scan or facial verification service installed at your door and have your face or fingerprints registered on the system. Whenever you enter through the door, the door will only unlock if it recognizes you. This way no one would be able to enter the building without your permission. This case a lot in stopping the robbers from entering the premises. 11% of the organizations are using bio authentication and 9% are using them to secure the office entrances.

●     Sign-in through biometric

Biometric can be used to sign-in to accounts or systems. You have to prove your identity by showing your face or finger scanner. This helps a lot in securing significant information. 8% of the businesses require biometric verification to sign into their systems or applications. This comes a lot in handy while dealing with large amounts of money. Banks or financial institutes require biometric authentication to identify their clients, especially in digital banking.

●     Security for Public

Cameras are installed on streets for identification purposes. Through biometric, it can verify the face of people passing by. If there is a criminal that passes through, their face would be detected and the authorities would be alerted about their location. This has made the public safer than ever and catching criminals has become super easy.

●     Security in traveling

While traveling, you don’t have to stand in long queues to get your identity verified anymore. With biometric systems installed, you can get your face verified in no time. At different checkpoints, you just have to show your face to get your identity verified. This process not only makes traveling safer, but it also saves a lot of time and hassle for passengers traveling.

●     Health care service

There has been an increase in identity theft in the healthcare sector. People steal other people’s insurance to get treated. This causes life-threatening problems as the medical history of the victim is altered. To fight against this, biometric verification is the perfect solution. The patient’s account is secured and controlled. They just have to get scanned to prove their identity. This saves patients from a lot of problems and even saves hospitals or insurance companies from lawsuits and penalties along with the bad reputations of their businesses.

●     E-learning

Online teaching institutes need this to ensure that the lectures are given to the person who registered for them. They also need to make sure that the actual student takes the quizzes and the exams and there are no cheating activities occurring. Biometric can be used to verify the identity of the student so that no wrong activity happens.

To sum this up, biometric is the new solution to security problems. It has made the world a safer place. It has made businesses and people more secure than ever. It has decreased the crime rate around the world.

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