Oakland Bay Bridge – Tourist Attractions around the Global Landmark in California

Oakland Bay Bridge in California

Among the several tourist attractions in the city of San Francisco, Oakland Bay Bridge is recognized as the global landmark of California. Not just the bridge, but there are various attractions around making it one of the most visited places in San Francisco.

In this blog we have discussed some of the major bay bridge facts and the tourist attractions in and around the area that you must visit on your trip to San Francisco.

Important Oakland Bay Bridge facts

  • Locally called Bay Bridge, it is a series of bridges supporting almost 2,60,000 vehicles to cross the bridge in a day.
  • The bridge is also famous for connecting San Francisco Bay in the state of California.
  • The length of Bay Bridge is 7,180 meters, the longest of United States’ bridges.
  • With an intention to attract more visitors, a path of 2.2 miles was constructed back in the year 2016 for cyclists and pedestrians to reach the Treasure Island, an ideal location for tourists seeking a day trip. You can enjoy wine sampling, flea market shopping, and go for boating lessons.

Tourist Attractions in Oakland Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge itself is a popular attraction in the city but there are some more key destinations one must explore around it.

Treasure Island Flea Market

If you love strolling down local markets and buy products at affordable prices from these street markets, head to Treasure Island Flea Market. You need to be a master at haggling to get things for cheap rates. In case you are planning to visit Bay Bridge during the last weekend of a month, you are lucky to be there as the flea market seems lively with the gathering of famous artists, crafters, collectors and designers. Along with delectable food, you will also get a chance to allure the beauty of the bay.

Rocket Boat Tour

Take a boat tour around San Francisco Bay and unravel the hidden layers of the beautiful Alcatraz, Bay Bridge and San Francisco. This is one of the best things to do around the area of Oakland Bay Bridge. You will have a great time with your family friends or even colleagues on this serene and memorable boat tour around the iconic bridge in the United States. There are several boat tour operators that offer rocket boat service. Choose one that suits your requirement in the best way.


Another impressive way to explore San Francisco is by walking by the popular Embarcadero. Not just the spectacular views of the bay, but you will also have the opportunity of taking photographs and allure the scenic beauty. While strolling by the path, you can even take a halt at the famous museum, Exploratorium. You will find over 6-00 hand exhibits in the museum as a motivation for visitors.

The Bay Lights

Created by Leo Villareal, a skilled artist, the Bay Lights is what makes the Oakland Bay Bridge a sparkling place to be at. The bay lights are an array of almost 25,000 LED lights that turns the Bay Bridge all shining and glowing at night. The intention behind installing these lights was to turn this place into a must visit destination for the tourist and locals – Yes, this happened. Today, the Bay Bridge is the best places to visit at night in San Francisco.

A Bike Tour

Another fascinating way to explore the beauty of the Oakland Bay Bridge is by taking a bike tour. Hire a bike and trail along the 2.2 miles path built for cyclists, bikers, and pedestrians in the year 2016 to access the popular Treasure Island.  You can travel to Yerba Buena Island from West Oakland.

Paramount Theatre

To all the art lovers out there, your trip to the renowned Oakland Bay Bridge will become unforgettable for life on visiting the Paramount Theatre! Situated in the area of Downtown Oakland, the Paramount Theatre consists of around 3,040 seats and exhibits the wise collection of arts. The heater was constructed in the year 1931 and has turned into one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city of San Francisco. He Art Deco concert hall hosts several plays, concerts, special events, stand-up comedians, lecture series and various other programmes throughout the year.

Lake Merritt

Lake Merritt is a big lagoon situated at the centre of Oakland encompassed by city neighbourhoods and parkland. In 1963, the place was listed to be a National Historic Landmark and since then continues to be a historically significant attraction for both locals and tourist from around the globe.  You can indulge in several interesting activities here such as boating, bird watching and a lot more. This can be your chance to preserve some beautiful memories to be cherished for life.

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