Top Ways To Manage International School Fees In Tokyo

International School Fees In Tokyo

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Tokyo, Japan, is a dream destination for anyone for learners from all over the world. The city is home to one of the best international schools that offer stellar educational programmes. However, the fee can become an obstacle for a few learners. 

Keeping that in mind, the post will outline the top ways to manage international school fees in Tokyo. Let’s begin. 

Apply for merit scholarships

International schools in Tokyo have stellar programmes for learners. You can apply for such merit scholarships to manage the school fee. There are a few criteria that determine the scholarship benefits and the achievements type of learners. 

For instance, it can include your academic performance, talents, arts and technology, and other areas. All these areas of accomplishments will consist of a different set of eligibility criteria and more. The idea is to utilise a variety of achievements or stints to ensure that meritorious learners receive the best possible outcome. 

Apart from having a stellar track record in standardised tests and examinations, accomplishments in other areas can be equally important and helpful. But, the goal of all scholarships for international students remains the same: to provide quality education to learners and not let financial background become a barrier. 

Look for need-based scholarships.

Need-based scholarships are often regarded as gift aid or grants. The idea is to offer benefits to learners from financially weaker backgrounds. Therefore, they will have to disclose proof of financial income and add other tax-related documents. The guidelines for the grants or benefits will be different for each need-based scholarship. 

For instance, the Sadako Ogata Merit cum Means Scholarship at GIIS Tokyo provides an off on the tuition fees based on the learner’s family income. If the family income is less than 3,000,000 YEN, the students will be offered 25% off. 

Find international schools with a transparent fee structure.

Choosing international schools with a transparent fee structure can minimise the financial burden to a great extent. When the students and parents are aware of the various charges, they can avoid them. 

For instance, a few schools in Singapore have separated the cost of transportation from the standard fee structure and made it optional. Keeping the charges in mind, students can avoid these charges and look for alternatives to commute. 

Moreover, some schools have additional benefits for admitting a second or third child. For example, if you send your second child to the same school, you can benefit upto 25% off the tuition fee. 

Seek student loans

Student loans are a little different from traditional loans, and their criteria will depend on the learner and the parents’ financial situation. You can seek student loans to minimise the burden of international school fees in Singapore. More importantly, you do not have to fund the entire education via loans. 

If you can pay a significant amount of the fee, the rest can come from the loan. Moreover, depending on your residential status in Tokyo, you can look for government or private-based student loans for your child. 

Since it is such a big step, it is also best to discuss the repayment plan with your child. For example, there are programmes that allow you to repay the loan in 10-15 years. Hence, it is best to make sure that it aligns with the learner’s objectives in the future, especially when they have to worry about university education. 

Final say

This post covered the top way to manage fees in international schools. It is advisable to prioritise scholarship programmes as they are more beneficial for the learners and their parents. Apart from financial relief, the scholarships for international students can help enrich their portfolio and enhance the chances of securing a seat in top universities. Moreover, it is advisable to visit the school’s website to learn about the fee structure and various scholarship programmes that it offers.