Top 5 Secrets You Need to Know for a Memorable Hotel Wedding

Memorable Hotel Wedding

Choosing where you’ll get married and planning for a wedding is often seen as one of the best decisions you’re going to deal with. The hard part about this is that venue options are apparently limitless. You may be wanting a fancy beach wedding but hotels can usually be the ideal pick! With hotel weddings, guests can rest and relax on-site all weekend, offer top-notch chefs on staff, and the excellent properties can offer a diversity of inspiring event spaces for couples to create their own. 

These are some of the reasons why a lot of people are turning to have hotel weddings. Hotels or resorts of choice can handle everything from planning to hosting the wedding. You will only be left with several tasks that necessitate your personal approval. So here are some tips we want to share with you in order to have a memorable hotel wedding.

Tip #1: Settle the Best Date 

This should be one of the first requirements you need to consider. You want to determine the best date of your wedding and it should be guided by these factors including the availability of your family, friends, your partner, and even yourself. No one wants to get married on their most awaited day if they have a lot of things concerning them happening elsewhere. Make sure no events would interfere with your day and the date of your wedding should conjunct with the availability of the hotel. 

Tip #2: Have an Estimate Expected Number of Guests 

Another important thing to do is to identify how many guests you are expecting to come before choosing a venue. Doing this will help you to properly choose a hotel wedding venue that’s adequately spacious for all attendees and crew. Consider the spaces of the following: 

  1. Personal space
  2. Room for waiters moving around 
  3. Dance floor
  4. Tables and seats 

Come up with an approximate figure of the expected guests since it will help you make appropriate decisions while working with your budget. And if you think you cannot conveniently cater to all of your expected guests then it’s not that bad to trim that list to a comfortable number that will allow you to give your best. 

Tip #3: Get Best Team You Can Work With 

Get the best wedding planner as much as you can who will coordinate the major aspects of your occasion. But don’t close your doors from suggesting your most preferred specialists for the decor, music, and menus. However, it’s better to ask for samples from the designated teams before the material day. 

There are plenty of hotels that can provide their clients with a wedding butler as part of the wedding package. The wedding assistant usually helps the bride with everything that she needs until the day comes when it’s time for her to walk down the aisle. 

Tip #4: Incorporate Elements to Remind Guests Why It’s Special 

It doesn’t matter where you’re doing your wedding because the important thing is you want to show your guests why that day is special. For instance, if you and your partner love to go to the beach or take on unique adventures then you may want to ask your team to place some huge sandcastles or any stuff that personalizes any wedding. 

Tip #5: Make Sure the Night Continues 

Keep the party going by doing after-parties so that the night continues to go on and on. Since it’s your big day you don’t want the fun to end. The technique you want to do here is to keep the reception moving so the night won’t feel like it’s being dragged out. In this way, you can make sure that your guests are still alive for the next event. In this way, your wedding would not only be memorable for you and your spouse, but also for the people who shared the event with you. You would see how a big difference would be if people would like to stay longer.