5 The Simplest Guidance for Video Wedding Invitation

Video Wedding Invitation

The wedding scene in India has undergone a sea change over the last few years and video invites for a wedding is one of the many that has contributed to this gradual makeover. Couples’ are no longer satisfied with a simple digital invite and are willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a high quality video invite if that can make the wedding experience all the more special for everyone involved. Platforms like Wedding Wishlist have been able to sense this growing demand among new age millennial couples and have their own range of unique video invites that have become quite popular over the last few years. Having your own customized digital invite has never been simpler considering the ease with which such portals fulfill their user requirements. However, below are some points which can serve as a guide for couples while opting for a wedding video invite.

Opt for the Premium Invites

Premium invites which come with their own price tag have a stamp of class and exclusivity to them. It will not be just any run of the mill stuff used by all, but the invite video design and aesthetics will make it distinct in the eyes of guests and can add a lot of intrigue to your wedding.

Stick to a theme

Sometimes couples are so confused about the wedding invite video that they do not really know how exactly they want it to be done. The colour tones and the music may appear all over the place and not in sync. In such situations, it is generally advisable that the couple opt for a single theme from the multitude of options provided by the various wedding platforms. This will make their job easier as the couple would only have to think about the key relevant information to be put out in the invite video and not worry about any of the other things.

Review before sharing

One mistake that couples often make is they do not check the wedding invite video for any typos in the information put out. Incorrect wedding details can be such a hassle for guests especially the ones who have to arrange travel and logistics to attend a wedding. Getting two or more people to have a look at the invite video before sharing is a best practice that couples should not ignore.

Opt for Customization if available

In addition to the standard theme based wedding invite videos, wedding portals also offer need based customization of the wedding video invite to suit the requirements of the couples. Couples who feel that their invite needs to reflect their artistic sensibilities can opt for the custom make option that may include the addition of extra slides, motifs, GIFs etc. to the already available templates.

Include Virtual Wedding Details

In the age of the coronavirus, virtual weddings have become the norm wherein couples live stream their wedding due to the restrictions on the number of guests. So it makes sense for couples to include details about the various virtual wedding events planned in the video invite.