10 Things That Happen To Your Body On A Keto Diet

Keto Diet

Keto diet is a special diet that most of the fat or abuse people like because this diet helps in weight loss. That is why people are more curious about this type of diet. Keto diet is a diet which is low in carbohydrates. In turn, these carbohydrate-rich diet helps us in burning the extra fat of the body.

This diet has made its name by already helping a number of people to burn their extra fat and had helped them in gaining their help and new energy once again. This diet helps the body to produce small fuel molecules called ketones. This fuel which the body gets from ketones is an alternate fuel which is used by our body when there is a short supply of sugar in our body.

Ketones are produced in the liver of the human body. The liver turns the fat into ketones that into carbohydrates. These ketones then act as reservoirs of energy in our body. The brain consumes a large amount of energy from our body. Bran cannot directly grab this energy from our fats in a body. So the brain gets directly these from ketones.

When you eat Keto diet 10 things can happen to our body

The brain is an important part of our body. So if you want to make this organ strong and sharp you must eat a keto diet. These 10 things can happen to your body if you eat a keto diet as follows:

1) You are making your brain super fast

The brain is the main organ which controls the functions and managing all parts of the body. So this must be strong. The brain cannot get energy from fats directly instead of the fact that the brain loves this.  Since a diet which mainly consists of ketones is full of the keto diet. So it helps the brain to easily grab the energy required for its best function. Best fats for the brain which this organ loves should be in the form of mono-saturated fats, amino acids, live olive oil, nuts and seeds.

2) Sudden muscle cramps can occur

A person who eats a keto rich diet can suffer from muscle cramps. The cramps can occur in body parts such as in legs or at back part of your body. “Often, this is due to lack of sodium and potassium in our body,” Olin says. Sodium gets dumped in the liver during Ketosis. So cramps occur in these parts of the body.

3) Insulin sensitivity may increase

A keto rich diet may help your sensitiveness towards Insulin.  Because without sugars and carbohydrates, your body, becomes less dependent on these two when you eat a keto diet.

4)  Your breath will confirm that ketosis is on your body  

When you are on the Keto diet. Your body becomes deficient from glucose and fats. The lack of glucose and fats in your body gives a signal to your body to find another source of energy. It starts the process of getting this energy from carbs which are stored as glycogen in your liver. This indicates the condition of ketosis. Once you are in this condition a smell is coming from your mouth called acetone smell.

5)  The energy level will increase

Once your body is adapted to the keto diet. The energy level starts rising. “As your body enters into a state of ketosis, it becomes very resourceful at burning fat into energy and turns the fat from the liver into ketones, which helps in increasing the energy for the brain and for your body,” says The Naughty Nutritionists

6) Burning of fat begins

Keto diet is the best solution for the burning off your fat. The fat is stored in the surrounding areas of the stomach. Liver, Kidneys and other parts of the body. Extra fat in your body gives rise to many diseases such as heart attack, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and some other more ailments. During ketosis, fat is burnt down to carbohydrates. So, in turn, a keto diet helps a person remain away from these diseases. It gives benefit to the body in two ways one is it burns fat and take away the diseases. Another it creates more energy for the brain and body.

7) Inflammation of the body gets reduced

A body which gets affected by inflammation gets the storehouse of many diseases such as heart attack, cancer and bowel syndrome. “A ketogenic diet lowers the inflammation from all the parts of the body,” Dr Osborn says.

8) Rashes can occur on your body

A keto rich diet has less side effect on your body. But the side effects can occur on your body. You may develop rashes all over the body. The rashes can occur due to the lack of vitamins in your body. They can be of different types as red skin lesions, you can feel sometimes itchy and uncomfortable. Because they occur due to a keto diet and are not dangerous and harmful.

9) Your urine can change its colour

When you starting eating keto, diet your urine can change its colour. Moreover, you can experience frequent urinating. The smell, colour, and the consistency of your urine will change every time. “ This can be a product of retaining less water than usual and excreting ketones with other things,” says Mary Wiedner, co-founder of Stronger Faster.

10) You can have the experiences of keto flu

You are eating a keto rich diet you can have the symptoms of “keto flu,”. if you do not have even heard about this flu. It is for your information discussed here. It is a very dangerous flu which starting affecting a person as he/she starts eating a keto diet.

The reason behind this flu is as we start eating A keto diet withdrawal of carbohydrates occurS from our body.  Which led to the symptoms of irritability, insomnia, fatigue, headache and mood changing. This is mainly due to dehydration and associated electrolytic abnormalities which are termed as “keto flu.”’

So far from the above facts, there are two sides of the Keto diet good and bad side. But most of the influences on the human body are good. So you should once try it to gain more benefits.