Four of the Best Hunting Decoy Strategies


Men using hunting decoys in hunting has been around for millions of years ago. While the specific hunting decoys used have transformed, been improved, brands launched to create them, their efficiency in the field strongly relies upon the quality of the hunting strategies used by individual hunters.

To save you the problem of blindly struggling with hunting decoys in the bush, this article grants you a helping hand. Here are four of the most beneficial hunting decoy strategies that will not only guarantee triumph in the wild but additionally improve your reputation as a hunter of note. Always use best hunting day packs to take your hunting with you safely.

Always choose your hunting site carefully 

It matters a lot where you choose to hunt for you to succeed. If you intend to find the desired game and then hit your target, you obviously will need to find where your game congregates.

According to most veteran hunters, it’s always best to hunt in a place you have knowledge of. You have to know the direction of the wind in the hunting spot, possible escape routes for the prey, and so forth. This is not just vital in aiding you to define the hunting blind (helps you hide without detection), but also crucial in assisting you to shoot down the game that seeks to land in front of you.

Always choose the right hunting decoys for your preyHunting Decoy

The hunting decoy you pick for hunting can either work for you or against you in the field. Believe it or not, many animals can identify a hunting decoy from a long way. Consequently, you have to choose a decoy that is near perfect even for the sharpest animals. This points to you need less conspicuous decoys; those with less shine or glare.

If your bait sees a real, natural-seeming decoy, they’re more likely to flock to your decoy setup. Even if they get right in close to investigate (a few will do this), you’ll have them easily within a shooting range and acquire your target.

Use enticing movement in your hunting decoy set up 

Some of the biggest miscalculations most hunters make is thinking decoys will do all the effort for them when actually, the reverse is often true. You need to improvise reasonable movement with your hunting decoys.

Whether you’re using batteries to imitate flapping in duck hunting, or strings to trap another sort of game, reasonable movements can improve your chances of success in the field. The trick is to generate a new natural look and feel to catch the attention of the potential hunting game.

Always keep learning new hunting strategies

Let’s admit it; no hunting strategy is the exact, perfect way to do it that works successfully every single time. As much as one method might win in North America, it may come to a cropper in the UK, or Africa or Australia.

The ticket to winning hunting strategies is to consistently pick up from other hunters in your group (if you have one), trying out new strategies and knowing more about your game.

In general, hunting decoys can significantly increase your success rates as a hunter since they serve as one of the most effective ways to deliver game into your shooting range, in the open.

By implementing the above strategies regularly, refining and enhancing them as you go, you will become a much better hunter with decoys.