Stun Gun – Get Rid Of Enemies Instantly Without Firing

Stun Gun

The stun gun is a modern 20th-century weapon that proves to be the best for self defense. Unlike other guns, this gun does not use gun powder or bullets to operate; instead, the gun is known for delivering high voltage current to the opponent. 

Over the past few years, crime rates have increased at quite a quick pace. No place out there is secure unless. You are in the full capacity of defending yourself through your own defense skill or through weapons. Out of all, the weapon that tops the list is the electric gun.

The use of the weapon is quite simple as you just need to pull the trigger, and the current will be delivered. The effect the current leaves on the opponent is also temporary, so you will not have to worry about ending up in trouble. The types of electric guns are endless and are so cool that they will blow your thoughts away. 

Stun Guns for Sale

The Stun Gun for sale will blow your thoughts away. They differ in terms of styles, and they also differ in terms of the added features they have. Have a look at the cool guns being offered:

  • Keychain Stun Gun

The keychain stun gun is an electric gun that comes with a keychain. It has a high voltage current delivering gun that can leave anyone on the ground for a good amount of time. Secondly, it has a keychain at the same place, which can be used to keep your keys safe. People who tend to be in a rush 24/7 need to have this weapon with them. 

  • Stun Gun Pistol

Pistols are something that you are all aware of. Well, the stun gun pistol is a weapon that is shaped like a pistol, which in itself is enough to scare off anyone. However, it is safe but effective as it does not fire bullets; rather, it only fires electric current. It is effective as it gives you the chance to escape from trouble without seriously harming the enemy. It suits people that are afraid of life taking weapons. 

  • Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight

Next on the list, we have the rechargeable stun gun flashlight. This is, by all means, the best electric gun that you can buy. It has the ability to be recharged, which saves you from the headache of replacing batteries time and again. Secondly, it has a flashlight as an added feature which can help you in finding out enemies at night time or in dark alleys and streets. You can then go on and eliminate them with this powerful combo weapon. 

  • Cell Phone Gun

The cell phone stun gun for sale that you get to find is the best gun when it comes to keeping your identity hidden. It is of the shape of your everyday cell phone, and you can keep it in your pockets while walking outdoors, or you can even carry it to your office. By the appearance of it, no one can guess if the phone is a gun. You can save yourself or someone in trouble by delivering a high voltage current from the gun. Now isn’t that cool?

  • Pen Gun 

Another dual feature office weapon that we have on the list is the electric pen gun, which is given the shape of the pen you write with. Along with using it for writing, you can stun your enemies with the current delivering ability it has. It is slim in look, which makes it a very portable weapon. Having one can keep you and the people around you safe. 

  • Women Weapons

Along with the weapons enlisted above, you get to buy a couple of electric guns that merely suit women. You get to buy the purse gun, which is shaped like a mini purse and has a keychain attached to it. You get to buy the lipstick gun, which is given the look of a lipstick and so on. All of these guns are ideal for women because they are shaped as such. 

  • Guard Dog Gun

Guard dog is a brand that is famous for making small self defense weapons. One powerful creation is the I do two knuckles gun, which is a complete self-defense package. It has two knuckles that can help you easily knock out enemies with a punch, and the knuckles also assist in wearing the weapon in your palm. 

Along with knuckles, the weapon has a powerful light that can help in spotting bad people, and it can also be utilized to destroy the vision of the opponent. Finally, the weapon has the ability to deliver a high voltage current, which can give you an upper hand in crunch situations. The weapon is rechargeable, and you get to utilize it again and again. 

What Does the Gun do Upon Being Fired?

Upon being fired, the gun does two things. First, it causes a loud thundering sound, which is so loud that the police far away and people around can hear it easily. Once people listen to it, they can come to your rescue, or the sound itself can cause the trouble maker to leave. The second thing the gun does is that it delivers a high voltage current to the person attacked. 

Is the Gun Harmful?

The gun is not harmful because when used on the enemy, it causes a temporary halt in bodily function. This is good as you can then go on to knock out the enemy or you can hand the bad guys over to the police and can claim a reward for doing so. 

Difference between Electric Guns & Other Weapons

There lies a huge difference between electric guns and other self defense weapons. To begin with, people usually lookup for stun gun vs taser. It is important to understand that the stun guns and the taser for sale are both different weapons. 

Stun weapons require you to be close to your target, whereas tasers can be used from a distance. Talking about other weapons used for self-defense, you will be surprised to know that the electric guns turn out to be the best of the entire pack.

Knives and swords require special training and need you to be close to your target for getting results, however, the guns can be used from a distance, which is a good thing. Guns that use real bullets are harmful because they may end up taking someone’s life, whereas electric guns only leave a temporary effect, which makes them safe and effective. 

Order Cheap Stun Guns and Get Rolling

Let us conclude the discussion by telling you about the price tags the weapons come with as many people inquire about the electric gun and taser price. The gun prices will leave you in joy as they all come at little prices. 

You can order cheap stun guns for your own use or for adding to a dedicated weapon collection. The second thing that can be done with the guns is by buying the wholesale stun guns in large quantities. Once you order them in bulk largely, you will get to buy them for even nominal prices. 

You can then sell the low priced guns at your desired price at your store and can reap hefty profits while doing so. Sales will flow in because the guns are hot selling arms. Considering the other question that is asked. The most as to where the guns can be bought from. You will be delighted to know that they are available everywhere. 

The guns can be purchased from big weapon stores, or you can look for them at online stores like the PA Knives, which offers a cool variety of guns. Check out the varieties available and buy your favorite stun gun today.