6 Exclusive Content Promotion Strategies

Content Promotion Strategies

So, you have created top-quality content for your brand awareness. Your website is all set, you have made engaging and informative blog posts, and you are continuously creating excellent social media copies and campaigns.

However, do you feel like you have all this fantastic content but not enough eye-balls to do justice to it? Then Content Promotion is the key to your worries.

What is Content Promotion?

To put it simply, content promotion involves promoting the content created by you through different channels to reach a wide range of intersected audience.

Keep reading to know the six unique content promotion strategies to gain more traffic on your website, blog posts or social media pages!

6 Exclusive Content Promotion Strategies

1. Start Guest Blogging on Popular Websites

Leo Widrich, co-founder buffer the social media scheduling app, used guest blogging to grow his customer base from 0 to 100K. He created 150+ quality guest posts- starting on smaller blogs and worked his way up.

Remember these three steps-

  • Make a list of pre-established blogs within your niche.
  • Make sure the content is original, informational and engaging.
  • Never create promotional content for your guest posts.

2. Create Content Ads with Content Discovery Platforms

Have you seen the little “you may also like” ads when you are scrolling through leading publication websites? These are to suggest content similar to what you are reading.

It is the best way to drive the audience to your content. Target viewers are already engaged with similar content.

You can make these ads by using platforms like OutBrain, Tabaloo, and many more. One Automobile brand was able to increase the conversation rate by 48% using this technique.

3. Get Active on Public Forums and Promote Your Content There

Public platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc. are the best ways to reach the new audience. You can build a community for your brand that engages with it meaningfully.

Remember these tips while promoting your content there:

  • Always engage first on the platform- don’t just stuff your links.
  • Provide real value to your audience.
  • Create a short but meaningful post on the website to promote your link.

4. Digital PR and Influencer Outreach
It is the best way to build the credibility of your brand and your content.

It can go about in two ways-

  • You can ask influencers in your niche to provide with a quote that you can include on your blog posts or social media posts. It will give your posts a touch of uniqueness and show authority. It will also increase the chances of the influencer reposting your content, exposing your brand to new customers.
  • You can also get included in digital publications, websites, blogs and influencers social media posts that make the round-up list. Lists like five content online marketing articles to read now, or five beauty brands to follow on social media, etc. Inclusions can be both paid and organic.

5. Build Your Email List

A successful email list can be a deal-breaker for your business. It can skyrocket the tariff to your blog, website or social media pages. Emails are a personal way to reach your customers.

According to estimates, you get a $39.40 return on every $1 invested into email marketing.

Tips to enhance your email marketing:

  • Personalize the mail.
  • Create attractive subject lines.
  • Add value, inform and entertain your audience.
  • Don’t spam your audience.

6. Turn up Your Social Game

Social media is the best way to engage your audience. Create small snippets of content relevant to the platform. Social media is the best tool to drive traffic to your website.

Content promotion is as important as content creation when it comes to building an audience for your brand. Remember good quality content marketed in the right way can build up your brand image. Use a mix of organic and paid strategies to get the best result. Mix and match the strategies to find your optimum fusion.