Shape Up with Us at Carmel

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It is a common dream to own a slender figure, shaped body contours and supple skin. With age, change in priorities and responsibilities, a dream of a good physique takes a back seat. In men, the changes are more prominent after a job and in women, it is more prominent when she is in a family way and thereafter. Lots of pampering and rest during pregnancy, she gets plump. Post pregnancy, many shed weight while many carry weight along with them.

The day, you get conscious of your weight is the D-day for you. A strong conviction and discipline in eating habits and the workout will melt away those bulges. Connect with us for a free consultation with MD weight loss Carmel.

Discipline in Eating Habits

Consume small portions at regular intervals. Eat before you feel hunger, it will help you to eat less. Chew properly, don’t swallow. Eat in small plates and don’t switch on gadgets while having food. It will make you eat more, unconsciously, there will be more intake of calories.

Drop processed food, sugar, and sugary items from your diet. Include more of protein, lean meat, and eggs, less of carbs, fruits, and coarse fibers grains.

Increase fluid intake, more water, black tea, and coffee.

Discipline in Workout

Avoid spending long hours with gadgets after workplace.

Take stairs instead of the lift to and fro from the workplace.

Engage in activities which include more physical labor such as gardening, playing with kids, etc.

Take a brisk walk in the morning and evening hours.

Disciplining Lifestyle

Avoid waking and sleeping at erratic hours. The body requires rest to replenish energy and the body functions according to the pre-set body clock. Don’t play with your body. Avoid late night parties.

Take prescribed medications and don’t try your own medicines. It takes a toll on your health. Ask a doctor before swallowing any tablets, it does more harm than good and there are major side effects.

Give up addictions if any, it might be the root cause of your obesity.

When to Call Us

You tried following lifestyle changes, curbing your calorie intake and stretching more, it is the right time to connect with us at MD weight loss Carmel.

You require professional intervention to save you from obesity and the resultant health hazards. You might be correct in bringing in changes in lifestyle but it is yet to produce the result.

How We Help

Listen without Interruption

We listen to each and everything that you want to share in the initial examination. It helps us to know more about you and your habits. It helps us to conclude the right weight loss program which is specially customized for you.

Introduce our Diet plan

We introduce you to your customized diet plan and give you alternative options if you don’t like a certain diet and it is difficult to consume. You have the laxity to choose dietary products from the alternatives.

Stick to Plan

Sticking to plan is more important to feel the transformation and see a new image of yourself. Our health coach is there to motivate you but you are the right person to stick to your allotted regimen.


Your exclusive coach will introduce you to the workouts on the basis of your built, whether you can endure easy, medium or aggressive workouts. You have to be regular in workouts.


In initial days, there will be more loss but after a few weeks, the weight loss is gradual. You require patience and don’t fret. Patience will certainly reward you.

We aspire to see you Thin and we stand together to shape you in your best physique and you could slide in best of your dress and do whatever you weren’t able to.  MD weight loss Carmel is next to you.