10 ideas to improve the look of your home


We often talk about self-construction and renovation but, on a daily basis, the house also requires aesthetic improvements or sometimes just reorganization. A facelift on old or dirty paintings, a change of pace, a change of furniture, a flattening of what was thought of a time and that no longer necessarily fits your desire. The House Removal Bromley is one of the best-removing company and provides so many services such as House removals, Flat removals, office removals, man and van services, student mover services, furniture removal services, etc.

Amenities that have aged and are no longer in line with your lifestyle, damaged or obsolete materials, furniture and decoration that you do not like anymore. Whether indoor or outdoor, after 5 or 10 years, our tastes have often evolved, the house has aged- Let’s see how it is possible to go about to see what our eyes do not see anymore because of the habit?

  1. Take pictures of your house:

Take pictures of your house is a complete series of photos of your garden, exterior, entrance and especially of all the most used parts from different angles; you will realize, by looking at these images, heaps of details that your eyes can no longer see: the tarnished paint in some places, dirty flagstones, unsightly plastic chairs, a dilapidated barrier, starving plants in short, a faded picture of your place of life with many little things that are not important enough to put on the weekend and yet, put together, make your house is not as attractive as you would like !

At a time when home staging is on TV, do yourself your own home makeover. This first step will allow you to have a photo of your home with positive things and details to change and decide according to your own aesthetic values, what you will start with: garden and exterior, paintings, interior design, etc.

  1. Make a list of things to do and how much time it will take

if repainting a fence can be done in one day only, changing it can take a lot more time and resources. This list will give you an idea of the volume of work per shift, room by room. A good way to decide how you will start. House Removal Fulham will help you if you want to pack, replace or relocate your belongings.

  1. In the house

change the layout of the furniture in the living rooms, it is a good way to realize that we do not use the best space; sometimes a provision has been chosen according to a piece of furniture whereas this one is not even there anymore or then no longer serves. By sorting and sorting your closets, you will find that they are often cluttered with totally useless things (old magazines, objects gleaned, gifts relegated.) several studies show that 20% of the surface of the houses is used for the storage of objects never used! If you do not like to throw away, give to the associations (Secours Populaire) or sell at a low price all these objects and useless furniture during a garage sale. If you also want to change your furniture and you will face some difficulty to move it or move it on the other portion of your house then you should need to take help of House Removals Chelsea and it will also suggest you so many effective tips to make a change in your new or old house. Once redisposed at your convenience, the house can be repainted or refreshed.

  1. Outside

The area between the entrance of the house and the gate or the garage is a place of passage used all year long, neither really garden nor interior; we leave there the garden hose, boots, some tools, storage boxes, a bike, a trash can, wood or all that we do not know where else to put. In the photo, we will easily realize that this is not necessarily the most welcoming place as visitors arrive right here. A cleaning slabs or path, a wall cover that can hide anything that is unattractive, some beautiful plants, one or two pots remarkable and voila, the place of arrival takes charm.

  1. The garden:

Often very well maintained by gardening lovers, it can quickly become a wasteland if you do not like to cut, cut, mow or if you do not have the time. A cure, sow of Fallow in early spring and, without doing anything, you will have a beautiful multicolored meadow in front of your windows from May to October! On your photos, you may also find that you have placed glass screens and plastic furniture that deserves, at worst to be repainted, or better to be changed by wood or metal. The addition of an arbor, a small pond, a fountain, original furniture, a remarkable isolated tree can quickly change the appearance of a lawn.

  1. Outside wall and gate:

How many owners have a 2m wall around their gate and leave it in rough blocks! A funny gift made to neighbors and passers-by as these blockhouses; it seems that many municipalities do not do their job and let it happen, too bad. You should need to improve it as well.

  1. House facade and roof:

On the image of your house as a whole, perhaps you will find that the facade is not as clean as you thought a Karcher stroke will be welcome, ditto for the roof where mosses and lichens colonize your tiles. Another aspect, the color of your shutters that no longer seems to fit your wishes; before repainting. Clean it.

  1. The kitchen:

Half-workshop half-showroom, this technical room must be practical, clean, easy to circulate and ergonomic while combining the storage of a large number of utensils. Take a look at the photos taken in this room and try to list what looks good and what you do not like anymore. Do you have enough accessible storage space? Can you sort and discard some things? Is the arrangement right for you? To cook your trips are logical, worktop, sink, trash, hot spot, cold point? Are the most used accessories easily accessible? These questions may seem really obvious and yet!

  1. The bathroom:

Mostly, the size of the bathrooms is rather small and the optimization of the space will require ingenuity; if you like to make the collection of beauty products, which storage will be most effective? How to save space with a vanity unit, shelves, cupboards? Keep the bathtub? Replace it with an advance shower, and very easy to access.

  1. To make all these changes in terms of interior and exterior.

Help yourself decorating magazines, websites, programs that give things sometimes simple but common sense and most importantly, do not forget to redo a series of photos after the changes made, which will allow you to see the difference or even refine still; photography has the quality of freezing and giving us the appearance of a place without a state of mind, whereas we, we always choose to see with our filters, these places in which we live.

If relooking some parts of his house can be scary at first glance (financial aspect, time, lack of ideas) often just start in the room that you think is the most need of development to be won by the fever of creativity and wanting to rearrange everything. And what a pleasure to do it yourself, at your own pace, taking the time to search right and left. Try, you will see!